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Remember when New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh said Zach Wilson wasn’t the problem with the offence? Well apparently now he’s the third best QB on their roster. Tim Boyle will be the QB for the Jets next game against the Dolphins on Black Friday.

With the Jets desperately trying to save their season they have finally moved on from Zach Wilson. on Tuesday Saleh said, “give Boyle an opportunity, a different style of quarterback. It’s really just to give him an opportunity to see if we can do something with the offense.”


While Aaron Rodgers will be back to lead the Jets next season, they long term answer no longer appears to be on the roster, even as Robert Saleh threw platitudes around about Zach Wilson. “Like I said, it’s not all on him, but there are things that he needs to be better at,” Saleh said whilst also saying Wilson would have “a really good career in this league.”

Saleh’s role in the Jets debacle has to be questioned. Even someone like Carson Wentz, who signed with the Rams as a free-agent 10 days ago would’ve been a preferable option for an offence that just hasn’t been able to move the ball. It’s not all Wilson’s fault, but it’s easier for a defence to attack when they know the QB won’t do anything.

Demoting Wilson would’ve been one thing, but dropping him all the way to QB3 says everything.

“You could always play the hindsight-is-20/20 game, but we felt like we did what was best for the organization, best for the team,” Saleh said. “It’s been an unfortunate series of events when you look at all the injuries on the line and just the things that have transpired since the start of the year.”

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