Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The best hype videos to get you amped for the NFL championship games

It’s that time of year again when fan bases around the world start putting together hype videos to help their comrades get ready for battle.

The NFL playoffs are in their penultimate week and only four teams remain.

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans for the AFC Championship while the Green Bay Packers will head to California for a rematch with the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship game.

And if fans need help to get them revved up for the games this Sunday, there are plenty of hype videos on the internet to help them do just that.

A good hype video will use a powerful combination of music, editing and footage selection to hit every single one of your emotions.

If you’re ready to run through a wall for your team by the end of it, you know it’s been made well.

Here are the best ones out there for each team ahead of today’s Championship football.

Tennessee Titans Hype Video

A popular approach to making effective hype videos is often using film soundtracks as the backing for your clips for obvious reasons.

Film scores are written to evoke powerful emotions out of viewers and so why would they not have the same effect when placed alongside your team doing what it does best?

Put together by Main Event Media, the hype video starts with footage of some of Tennessee’s rockier games from the start of the season.

It then transitions into the Tannehill era and with it comes John Murphy’s score from the film Sunshine – a movie about a crew going on dangerous mission to try and save humanity. Sounds about right.

The way it builds from apparent hopelessness to making them look like real contenders is enough to get your heart pumping ahead of their almighty clash.

Kansas City Chiefs

This hype video for the Chiefs evokes history and legacy to amp up fans ahead of their second consecutive AFC Championship game.

The Lamar Hunt trophy is named after their founder and owner after all. Hunt is also credited with coining the term Super Bowl, putting even more onus on the Chiefs to make it past the Titans.

The video, created by Phillip McGruder, starts with a voice over which reminds fans of this legacy and stating decisively: “It’s time to bring it home.”

The video then goes into the Chiefs’ popular anthem We Ready which is played over clips of their successful season. It’s enough to give you chills.

Green Bay Packers

The best hype video for the Green Bay Packers comes from the official media team at Lambeau Field.

In what strongly resembles music from Game of Thrones – Aaron Rodgers is a fan and King in the North remember – the video expertly uses sharp editing and powerful music to get fans as hyped as possible.

The music is cut with voice overs from various team members, commenting on how far they’ve come, how they’ve defied doubters and finished with motivational words from the quarterback himself.

Using recent footage of their victory over the Seattle Seahawks, the hype video should have cheeseheads everywhere chomping at the bit come game time.

San Francisco 49ers

Another popular move used copiously in hype videos is painting your team as the underdog by compiling a tonne of pundit footage calling out your team.

A peculiar tactic from the heavy favourite heading into the NFC Championship – until you realise creator Gekyume is talking about the season as a whole, harking back to Jimmy G’s season-ending injury last year.

What makes this video great, though, is that it borrows the voice over from LSU who were recently named National Champions.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson delivers a powerful speech which talks about using rock bottom to come back stronger – and it looks like Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers have done just that.

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