Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Horrific Zach Wilson traded to Rams as QB2?

Zach Wilson the much maligned, and mostly awful, QB of the New York Jets is rumoured to be wanted by the LA Rams to backup Matthew Stafford.

The Rams have often overlooked the backup QB role under head coach Sean McVay, as graphically illustrated but their 2022 season imploding under John Wolford and Bryce Perkins and the hasty addition of Baker Mayfield.

That may be all about to change with rumours that they may acquire Zach Wilson from the New York Jets.

Zach Wilson has had a nightmare in New York

Zach Wilson has had a rough time of it in New York but did make some advances in 2023. While things were often not going well it wasn’t all his fault last season where the Jets struggled mightily with their line and receiving threats, outside of Garrett Wilson.

in 2023 Zach Wilson recorded career highs in completions percentage, big time throws, and lowest turnover worth play % (per At the same time he had his shortest time to throw (2.92 seconds) and suffered 19 drops at a rate of 7.9% (the worst in the NFL for QB’s with more than 420 drop backs).

The intriguing thing with Zach Wilson is that he seems to do best when returning to the team and slowly declines. Week 14 vs the Texans last year was a classic example completing 75% of his passes for 301 yards and 2 scores.

Wilson still has those games where you wonder, just maybe he can live up to that hype. And maybe that’s what the Rams see. A QB who needs a fresh start and a chance to sit behind a guaranteed starter and learn the trade the right way.

For good or bad, right or wrong, Jets head coach Robert Saleh hasn’t helped Zach Wilson to develop, control the demons, or well anything else tbf. He’s flip flopped on QB’s and surely given him mixed signals that would confuse anyone, let alone a QB going through the issues Wilson was.

Whether these rumours turn out to have merit or not, the premise for Wilson is probably correct. He needs a fresh start and a chance to sit and learn the game.

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