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Chicago Bears quarterback: Should Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky be QB1?

In one of the more interesting moves in an explosive free agency, the Chicago Bears quarterback position grew deeper as they signed Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Yep – the Chicago Bears quarterback is up in the air and they have a competition on their hands and we could be set for a classic ahead of the upcoming season.

When the Bears made Trubisky the second overall pick of the draft in 2017, it’s clear they hoped for a bright and playoff bound future ahead of them.

Quarterbacks that were picked after him? Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson

Sadly, that has yet to materialise and by signing Foles, the Bears have made it clear they want Trubisky’s progression to accelerate. Now.

But who should be under centre come game time in September? We take a closer look at the situation…

Foles has invaluable playoff experience…and a ring

What better way to assert your superiority than flashing your Super Bowl ring about?

Nick Foles led the Philadelphia Eagles to surprise victory in Super Bowl 52 and became something of a hero.

While Mitch Trubisky is still learning the ropes, Nick Foles has very much been there and done that.

This will earn him the respect of his peers and he has already proven he can deliver in the biggest moments.

The jury is still out on Trubisky after two seasons as the Chicago Bears quarterback.

Mitch Trubisky is trending backwards as Chicago Bears Quarterback

One thing signing someone with Foles’ resume suggests is that the Chicago Bears have buyers remorse when it comes to Mitch Trubisky.

And it’s not hard to see why after a lacklustre 2019 season in which he completed just 63 per cent of passes and threw for 17 touchdowns.

It would be fair to say he has not lived up to the perhaps lofty expectations fans held for him.

And that’s despite being surrounded by relative talent and being propped up by a championship level defence.

After a promising 2018 season, which saw him go 11-3 with a rating of 93.4 and an NFC North title, it’s understandable the Bears are now growing impatient.

It is make or break time for Trubisky – either he starts delivering on his potential or it seems the Bears are more than ready to replace him as starter.

Foles is not a shoe-in for Chicago Bears quarterback

Ok – he does have a ring from his time as back-up at the Philadelphia Eagles but was that just a fluke?

Foles is the definition of a journeyman quarterback who has never played a full NFL season as a starter.

So while he has led an underdog Eagles team to the Lombardi Trophy, he may be lacking in the temerity and stamina to apply that leadership from August to February.

After all, outside of that one miraculous season, what has he really achieved?

He gave Jacksonville very little return on their investment last year after breaking his collarbone in week 1

When he returned in Week 11, it wasn’t long before he was benched in favour of Gardner Minshew after an appalling game against Tampa Bay.

Is he the talented veteran that will push Trubisky or have the Bears crippled themselves at the most important position?

Nick Foles and Matt Nagy have history

Foles has been quoted as saying his season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016 stopped him from retiring.

The quarterback coach at the time? Former Philadelphia Eagles coaching assistant Matt Nagy who set about rebuilding his confidence and, as Alex Smith’s backup, he learned Nagy’s system.

This will undoubtedly be a factor come practice time as Foles will be able to draw on his experience to fit right in and really challenge Trubisky.

While Trubisky is still on his learning curve, Foles shouldn’t have one at all as he is familiar with the guys calling the plays.

Their contracts mean it could go either way

The Bears are paying Nick Foles $8 million a year which is neither guaranteed starter money nor too-expensive-to-backup money.

Trubisky is the bigger cap hit but even his contract means the Bears could afford to bench him should Foles prove more productive.

This means there is a reasonable prospect that both could be the starter come game time but also suggests the Bears are hopeful Trubisky could still turn it around.

That would explain why the Bears didn’t sign someone with the profile of Andy Dalton or Cam Newton who would cost at least twice the price.

They must still want Mitch to at least feel like he has to compete with the genuine hope he will improve.

This could be the push Trubisky needs to reach his potential

Could this be the wake up call Mitch Trubisky needs to reach the heights of his fellow quarterbacks? Having to compete for the Chicago Bears quarterback job should light a fire under you if nothing else.

Nick Foles could be the perfect competitor, having played with Nagy, won a Super Bowl and backed up some great quarterbacks.

He has plenty of invaluable experience that Trubisky should be looking to learn from.

What’s more, while he has been around, Foles is not at the level where he should completely deflate Trubisky’s confidence.

It’s a winnable position for Mitch and, if he works hard enough, the best case scenario would be that he comes out of this a better more well-rounded QB.

It’s a difficult one to call. On the surface, you would assume Nick Foles is the starter of choice for the Chicago Bears quarterback position.

But it would be shortsighted to rule our Trubisky altogether. You never know how he might rise to the challenge – he does have youth on his side after all.

Who do you think will win the Chicago Bears quarterback job come the start of the season?

Let us know by sharing your thoughts on our Facebook page here.

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