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Super Bowl 54: Five players to watch on the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to Miami where they will take on the San Francisco 49ers in a battle to lift the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 54.

The Super Bowl is the one sporting event guaranteed to attract football fanatics and sports novices alike as millions gather to see who will come out on top.

The Kansas City Chiefs finished their regular season 12-4 and have defeated the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans on their way to their first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years.

They have an impressive roster with plenty of depth in their receiver corp which should prove problematic for even the dominant San Francisco defense.

Their defense, which has already stopped the formidable Titans running back Derrick Henry, has also proved it may just have what it takes to slow down the Niners next Sunday.

Here’s who to look out for…

Patrick MahomesQuarterback

It usually goes without saying that all eyes should be on a team’s quarterback in a Super Bowl game.

But Patrick Mahomes’ playoff performance so far makes him worthy of a special mention.

After being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017, the 24-year-old put in a record-breaking MVP performance the following year before leading his team to the Super Bowl this season.

Mahomes, who has already thrown eight playoff touchdowns and run for one after an insane 27-yard scramble, is poised to be the face of the NFL if he can complete his campaign of excellence.

His ability to extend plays, break tackles and scramble as well as throw precision passes make him one of the most exciting players in the league.

Whether or not Mahomes is able to cope with the pressure on Sunday may determine whether the Chiefs lift the Lombardi trophy after the final whistle.

Sammy Watkins – Wide receiver

Sammy Watkins had a relatively quiet regular season with the Kansas City Chiefs, with a modest 3 touchdown receptions and an average of 12 yards per catch.

Yet during the AFC Championship game against the Tennessee Titans, Watkins finished with 114 yards from seven catches, including a 60-yard touchdown.

If San Francisco are busy looking after Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill then Sammy Watkins could prove invaluable when it comes to moving the ball down field.

Watkins has proved his value on the field come crunch time – if he can do it during the Super Bowl, he could be an effective weapon against the 49ers defense.

Damien Williams – Running back

Like Watkins, Damien Williams may seem to have had an unremarkable season this year.

But what he lacks in flair, he makes up for in playoff experience and that is proving to pay dividends for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Williams proved to be an important piece in the divisional match-up against the Houston Texans, scoring two touchdowns on the run and catching a touchdown pass in the 51-31 victory.

The following week, Williams rushed for another touchdown and caught five passes for 44 yards, proving he is a valuable target for the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense.

His productivity reflects his performance in the AFC championship game last year against New England, proving he can deliver in high-pressure situations.

Look for Williams to be a factor next Sunday when they take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Tyrann Mathieu – Safety

The San Francisco 49ers have some star receivers of their own including tight end George Kittle.

And if the Kansas City Chiefs stand any chance of winning in Miami then their defense is going to have to shut their receivers down or force inexperienced quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to make a mistake.

Tyrann Mathieu is the man to do that as he has proved time and time again to be one of the most valuable players in the Kansas City Chiefs’ secondary.

Going up against the Titans, Mathieu lead the way in a talented defense with six tackles and three assists as well as one tackle for loss.

If Matthieu can help contain the Niners’ receivers then it helps to slow down their offense and force them to run it on the ground.

Damien Wilson – Linebacker

One of the reasons the Chiefs were able to beat the Tennessee Titans is that they were able to subdue star running back Derrick Henry.

While Henry had been allowed to run wild in previous match-ups, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to 69 yards and just one touchdown – well below his previous playoff performances.

It’s tough to pick just one lineman that made a difference and helped pull this off but Damien Wilson led the way with six tackles and one assist.

In all their playoff appearances, the San Francisco 49ers have relied on a run-dominant game plan, with Raheem Mostert putting up 220 yards and four touchdowns.

If Damien Wilson and the Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive line can put a stop to their run game, it could force the Niners to change tack and prove decisive in the Super Bowl match-up come Sunday.

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