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Dak Prescott is getting good press despite losing to the Eagles 28-23 on Sunday. And it just might be that his play finally deserves it.

Maybe that’s because Dak Prescott seems to have grown up this season, “I feel good, but at the end of the day I judge myself on wins — and as I’ve told you, I’m my biggest critic,” he said Sunday. “I can promise you there’s two, three plays off the top of my head I’ll lose sleep over. But that’s why I’ll continue to work and we’ll get better because of them.”

Once upon a time, there would’ve been nothing but excuses.


“Dak is a freaking warrior,” linebacker¬†Micah Parsons¬†said. “There was multiple times I was like, ‘That’s Dak mother eff Prescott.’ He’s a dog. He a warrior. I have an unbelievable amount of confidence in him. I thought he had a great game. I think people need to put more respect on him. He outplayed everyone today.”

When asked what’s making him feel and play better this season, Dak Prescott had this to say, “It’s freedom. It goes into the offense. It goes into Mike McCarthy understanding my game and just really us being on the same page, to be honest with you.”

“For me right now, I want to play this way. I want to continue to play this way,” Prescott said. “I know I’ll be sore. I know I’ll be more sore Tuesday than I’ve been all year. But I want to play this way come Sunday, so it’s about the process. Obviously, I’ve got a great team with [personal trainer Luke Miller] and the Cowboys. Just trust that.”

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