Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Commanders looking at great Daniels with 2nd

The Washington Commanders had a private meeting with expected number two pick Jayden Williams after his pro day, with head coach Dan Quinn on hand to watch.

Williams, who wore a jersey honouring his teammate who has cancer, but on quite a show, not just on the field but also with his character and leadership.

For his on-field performance, Daniels had this to say:

“I would just say the main thing was just trying to sell my consistency within the pocket and my form,” Daniels said. “The other stuff was just kind of fun. That was just something we do. We’re out there having fun, we hear the music playing … the deep ball, that’s kind of to show that they’ve got the speed to track the football and that I can go out there and put it out there for them.”

Commanders would be foolish to pass on Daniels

“Obviously, if Greg were here, he’d be a part of this. He’s not here, but he’s here in spirit, and I’m here to rep him,” Daniels said. “My teammates who didn’t get an invite to the combine, obviously they had multiple eyes out here, all 32 [NFL teams] and more, so it was beneficial to go out there and showcase their talent, showcase how they move, write their own journey. If they get an opportunity, I know they’re going to crush it.”

Brian Kelly his head coach at LSU is full of praise for Daniels character and leadership. “He’s thinking outside of just Jayden Daniels. He’s thinking about one of his teammates that he holds in high regard,” Kelly said. “And that’s the way he’s been since he’s gotten here.

“He’s always thinking about his teammates first. That throwing that we saw today, he brought in teammates so they could get a chance to be seen today in front of a number of scouts. And maybe that’s not the reason you do that, but it was for him. He wanted to showcase some other guys today, and he certainly did that.”

The Commanders weren’t the only team to have scheduled meetings with Daniels, but with them holding the number 2 pick and the Bears seemingly all in on Caleb Williams, Daniels is the presumptive pick.

Washington haven’t had a franchise QB since they refused to pay Kirk Cousins, so you can never be quite sure if they’ll make the right decision. But with the Commanders in prime position, this is as easy a layup as you will find.

Even for the Commanders.

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