Booger and his Bumbles – but he has to stay on at ESPN

Booger McFarland has been a controversial figure on ESPN. Not only because in the 2018 season he sat on a moving truck pitch side getting in the way of everyone else, but through the absolute nonsense that he talks. A very quick search into YouTube and soon a lot of clips of Booger and his mishaps came up.

For example on ESPN’s Monday Night Football he would often make comments such as ‘there’s another lineman on the field so it’s likely they’ve brought him on to block’ and praising Dak Prescott before the first snap of the game against the Giants before he instantly threw a pick.

‘Peak Booger’ as I like to call it hit its peak last Sunday in the wildcard round between the Texans and the Bills (no one knows how he managed to fluke being on commentary for a play off game) when with less than a minute to play and the Bills down by 3 on 3rd and 10 he called for a draw play and a spike, before the Bills kicked the Field Goal to tie the game.

This was so utterly dreadful that a media scrum and twitter frenzy started. It was even worse when Booger, whilst trying to describe a play in which Watson was coming under pressure, described the pressure, as these 2 guys coming in from the inside, whilst at the same time drawing a penis on the screen.

Booger describing the action
Booger McFarland’s description of the action had many in fits of laughter. Easy to spot why…

However, here’s the part you may not expect. Booger McFarland should not be dropped by ESPN. Firstly, he provides great entertainment, and whilst the first half of the divisional round game last weekend was not particularly enthralling, the commentary was so daft and ridiculous that it kept us all watching, even if it was just to joke about how bad the commentary was.

Secondly, at times Booger comes out with some brilliant expressions. When describing WR Kelvin Benjamin, Booger stated that he is a ‘Popeyes biscuit away from being a tight end’. Legendary comments such as these are why Booger is so entertaining in the booth.

Finally, Booger is an example that goes to show that anyone can make it in life. Even if you are so utterly useless at your job; describe what every single person can see in the most blatantly obvious way and by drawing penises on screen you can still maintain a top job working in the NFL.

Booger may make blunder after blunder, he may make you want to grab the TV remote and press the mute button, but one thing is certain, Booger makes for absolutely fantastic TV entertainment.

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