Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bills McDermott impressed with 2023 team

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has looked back on the trials of the 2023 season with pride for how his team handled it.

Buffalo went through a massive dip in form, resulting in Joe Brady coming in as OC and turning around a season that was rapidly heading to the dumpster.

“It wasn’t a surprise. Those moves, those staff changes are always tough, they’re not fun in any way, shape or form, but I was not surprised by how our team responded, I wasn’t,” McDermott said. “And so I think it says a lot about the character of the people in our building, and again a successful season, to be able to regroup and get done what we got done.

Bills looking for a title

That doesn’t mean that McDermott doesn’t still want more from his team.

“But we’re all still with one eye on the world championship, that’s what drives us every morning when we get up.”

The Bills overcame their struggles last year and still secured an AFC East division title winning in the final regular season game of the season in Miami to topple the Dolphins.

“I think like anything, when you talk about the Bills, whether it’s Josh, myself, our team, we’ve had so much success,” McDermott said. “What’s left for Josh and for all of us is to take that one more step that we need to take.

“To say we haven’t had success or Josh hasn’t had success, I think would be kind of narrow-minded. It’s hard to win in the NFL, so you kind of regroup every year, and you take it one game at a time. But we’re all looking for Josh to really be that face of the franchise, like he’s been, and continuing to evolve, like he’s always done.”

“Every year you start anew, and you keep that first game in front of you and that’s what you focus on. People want to say this and that, but every year is different,” McDermott said. “We’ve had to make a lot of changes to get underneath the cap, let’s just start there. So with our roster right now, we’re a work in progress, and we’ll see where we get to, but the most important thing is that everyone understands their roles and embraces their roles.”

The Bills will need to step up, particularly on defence, and added a more consistent offensive output if they are to get over the massive hurdle that is Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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