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The Bills downed the Packers 27-17 in a game that was never really in doubt after early in the second quarter.

With Rodgers Packers struggling and Allens Bills soaring let’s take a look at the 3 takeaways from Sunday Night Football.

Josh Allen is (almost) unstoppable

With all the plaudits surrounding Josh Allen this was a game where he lit up the highlight reel but also showed us where the Bills Achilles heel is. With an incredible arm and matching athleticism Josh Allen is almost unstoppable.

But on a few plays last night he showed us that he can also be the problem as he was regularly loose with the football in the second half. With two interceptions on almost arrogant throws, much like Brett Favre used to throw, he threatened to let the Packers back into a game they had no business being in.

And those two throws weren’t the only ones. It was almost like Allen wanted to prove he can do anything. Football has a way of humbling players when they reach too far, so you can be sure HC Sean McDermott will likely be in Allen’s ear this week to make sure he understands the need to protect the football.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t washed up

Many questions have swirled around the reigning MVP. Is he washed up, does he care enough anymore? For me those questions were answered in the build up to this game, and on the night. Rodgers was slinging in the second half including one great throw to Doubs, and another to Toure.

The truth is that Rodgers clearly still has the arm, and the brain, and the desire to play at the top level. It may be that it’s time for the Packers to take the bold step of giving the majority of receiver snaps to the aforementioned Doubs and Toure, and Amari Rodgers going forward.

The problem with Rodgers so far this season is his lack of trust in this group of players, but the time has come to just let that play out. This young group of receivers are the future for the Packers and Rodgers needs to understand that and work with their strengths.

Matt LaFleur may have the toughest job of his head coaching career in convincing Rodgers that this is the way forward, because neither of them will thrive looking backwards.

The Bills may be the most complete team in the NFL

There were times in the first half of this game where you couldn’t help but see the Bills as favourites for the Super Bowl. They were aggressive on both sides of the ball and were constantly harrying Rodgers and stuffing the run.

The second half showed a defence that slowed a little, and became much more passive with a lead. The same could be said of the offense.

With their foot on the floor it would be easy to see this game being a blowout. Can the Bills master a full 60-minutes or will this team of great potential fall in the latter stages of the season?

Whether you’re a Bills fan or not this is definitely a team to keep your eyes on.

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