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The Chicago Bears are back at Solider Field for the first time since the 2020 season. You would hope that having home field advantage would take away some of the worry of Bears fans, especially after last week’s 34 – 14 loss to the LA Rams. But the Bears ended 2020 with 5 losses out of the 8 games played in the regular season.

The Bears welcome the Bengals, who haven’t had a winning season for the past 5 years with their 2020 1st round QB Joe Burrows coming back after his season ending injury last year. Some pressure on the young QB from the Bears’ edge rushers could see some much needed turnovers that have been hard to come by.

Times have changed however, with Burrow, who even after his season ending injury in 2020, coming back and got a big W over our NFC North rivals the Vikings, with 261 yards, 2 touchdowns and a rating of 128.8. Given the Bears’ defensive woes, that doesn’t fill you with hope. It’s not unbeatable, but certainly not ideal.

It will do no good for the nerves of Bears fans who will be looking at a loss to the Bengals as a dark omen for the 2021 season. The schedule will only get harder and a defeat today would make it feel like hard times are ahead.


The Bengals did as Bengals do and let 24 points through their defense last week, a big plus point when looking at the weapons at the Bears’ disposal and the supposed speed our new WR unit has to offer. Stretching the play could offer a greater chance of more 1st downs and can tire the Bengal’s defense. Win win – if the OL can hold, a big ask.

The offense having more time on the ball will also take pressure off the Bears’ defense to make plays, and give them some much needed rest and energy so that they are more likely to do just that. Lord knows we need some sacks and forced fumbles from our front defensive players who are now losing the fear factor that gave them an edge.

Taking everything into consideration, I do feel the LA Rams game could have been a bad day at the office. The 2 infamous touchdowns for LA were high school bad and hopefully just down to rustiness, whilst the Rams in general are a formidable team. For all the worries we have at the Bears, the Bengals could have them too.

I’m feeling more optimistic about today’s game, especially if Justin Fields gets more time on the ball. It will be a tight contest but one we could definitely win. Let’s just wish that the hope doesn’t kill us.

Bears 24 – Bengals 21

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