Thursday, July 25, 2024

Bears unbelievable debacle over QB1

The Chicago Bears have once again turned a potentially brilliant opportunity into a debacle as they have handled the Fields vs Williams debate appallingly.

While they’ve wheeled out new OC Shane Waldron to say how his system would work with either Fields or Williams they are fooling absolutely no one with their poor game of hide the QB. The value of Justin Fields is plummeting by the day as they cling to this silly game.

Bears missed a simple trick and upgrade

The way for the Bears to sell their “it could be either guy” more convincingly failed when they kept incumbent head coach Matt Eberflus. Whether Eberflus deserved another year is debatable, but he was a borderline hold at best. But simply, if Chicago wanted top value for Fields they had to jettison their HC.

The idea of evaluating a QB you’ve had in your system for two years over the winter is asinine, even by Bears standards. You know what Fields is. I think you can win with him and should parlay that number one pick into another three first rounders like last year. But instead they pretend they don’t know.

Clearly this means Williams is the guy or you’d be out shopping that number one pick with all you’ve got. Because with a number one overall pick teams will bite your hand off, you don’t need subterfuge. You only play the games if you want to pump the price on Justin Fields.

The thing is Eberflus used him so badly over his tenure in Chicago that Fields has very little value. Maybe two seconds, one of them conditional that could become a first. That’s basically it. Hold out for anymore and teams will walk away because what are you going to do, carry both QB’s?

Of course, the Bears will say they will carry both if they have to, but that really only makes things worse, and everybody knows it.

While the available QB options will dwindle once we hit free agency, Wilson will sign somewhere once he’s cut, Cousins likely back to the Vikings…you’ve basically got three teams that are looking for a starter: Pittsburgh, New England, and Atlanta.

New England pick at three and can have Jayden Daniels so they’re not giving you much, if anything for fields. The Falcons pick at eight, could go for Penix. So again, they have options and aren’t giving you a first for Fields.

Which leaves Pittsburgh and the experienced and savvy Mike Tomlin. Last time I checked teams don’t usually bid against themselves when they know a) the market is soft and b) you have to sell. It’s a mess, and so typically Bears at this point as to be depressing.

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