Saturday, April 20, 2024

Bears beat Panthers 16-13 for poor third win

It was a game the Bears had to win. The Panthers have been so bad this season it would’ve surely signalled the beginning of the end for head coach Matt Eberflus if this game had ended badly.

But what did we learn about the Bears on Thursday night? Let’s take a look at our three takeaways.


Say what you will about the logic of trading for Montez Sweat, the Bears defence is now a lot more potent. It got 17 (SEVENTEEN) pressures on Bryce Young on 44 drop backs. Yes it’s the Panthers, and they are bad, especially along the OL, but that’s an incredible performance.

The Bears allowed only 213 yards on the night, and didn’t concede any touchdowns. It’s been a season light of highlights but the defence on this night was definitely one.


Justin Fields needs to be back sooner rather than later. Not just because Bagent isn’t the answer (obviously), completing 20/33 for 162 yards was enough, but not good. But mostly because Chicago needs to use the picks they have to put talent around the QB rather than looking to replace the QB.

And to know for sure if that’s Fields we need to see him play some ball. Fields has been improved as a passer this season, mostly, in patches. But we need to see it for longer to be sure, and for the Bears to know whether to pick up that fifth year option.


The good thing about the Sweat trade is that the D looks stronger already. But this offense lacks OL, WR’s and defensive backs. It needs help, and the draft’s the way to build that.

I don’t want those high-priced free agents who will play lazy once they get that big contract. Let’s use those picks and go add some real players.

Carolina PanthersChicago Bears
1st Downs1221
Passing 1st downs610
Rushing 1st downs410
1st downs from penalties21
3rd down efficiency3-156-15
4th down efficiency3-31-1
Total Plays5770
Total Yards213295
Total Drives911
Yards per Play3.74.2
Yards per pass4.14.9
Interceptions thrown00
Sacks-Yards Lost3-150-0
Rushing Attempts1637
Yards per rush2.73.6
Red Zone (Made-Att)0-11-2
Fumbles lost00
Interceptions thrown00
Defensive / Special Teams TDs10

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