Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dominic Barber

A Toxic Rant Against Premier League Players and Clubs

Premier League Footballers fearful of their return

Furlough Abuse: Top Tier Clubs Not Alone

Liverpool have been heavily criticised for their decision to furlough staff

Duckenfield Cleared of Gross Negligence Manslaughter

It was never going to be easy. From the moment that Police Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield met with Graham Kelly, Chief Executive at the FA...

Serena the “Diva”- It’s a Lazy Narrative

First things first, Serena Williams hasn’t come out of the US Open Final smelling of roses. Having a prolonged session of hurling abuse at an...

Lazy Fan Exclusive: Divock Origi and the Daniel Surprise

The opening weekend is over. Lessons have been learnt and pints have thrown all around concourses up and down the land. Grown men have purred...

LAZY FAN EXLUSIVE: Marcelo to Leave Madrid?

Jose Mourihno is not a happy bunny and he's looking for Marcelo to bring him some smiles. He cut a dejected figure in the press...