Monday, February 26, 2024

Aaron Rodgers horror injury after 4 snaps

The Aaron Rodgers trade had been one of the biggest storylines of the NFL off-season, and the trade, when it came, had given Jets fans more hope than they had had in many years.

A franchise beset with hope at the QB position that had seen those same hopes dashed by high draft picks, journeymen, and average talent (at best) finally had a future hall of famer that could, just maybe, lead them back to the Super Bowl.

That dream lasted all of four plays before Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles tendon.


After the game Jets HC Robert Saleh said of Rodgers, “He’s down. With everything he has invested and it lasting four plays, you can imagine it’s disappointing. I did not get into the future of what he’s expecting. I’ll let him get into those questions.” 

“We’ll try to let him breathe and give him some time to process everything. He has invested so much in this organisation, into this journey he has embarked on. It’s really all about him. Guys are excited to step up and continue what we have been building but there’s a lot of hurting for Aaron.”

The Jets schedule isn’t exactly easy this season, and with Zach Wilson back under center they will need a lot of luck. Even on opening weekend Wilson showed the good and bad of why the Jets went in for Aaron Rodgers in the first place.

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