Tuesday, June 25, 2024

3 up 3 down: Week 7 Bears at Bucs

I feel like there is going to be a bit of Déjà vu here from last week’s 3 up 3 down and for anyone that read my pre-match review and prediction for the Buccaneers game, you’re going to see a few things in here that I was wary of. This being 3 up 3 down I’ve got to get 3ups in here and try to whittle down the downs to 3. The joys of being a Bears fan right now.


The defense kept trying

This might not feel like an up, especially with the score being so horrendous, but it there were parts to be pleased about with the Bears’ defense on such a bad night. You have to remember they were playing the game handicapped because of the non- existent offense and were still fighting right to the end.

An example of this is the goal-line stop on both 3rd and 4th down. The defense could be forgiven for not wanting to injure themselves, maybe forward thinking ready for the next match; but they did put themselves out there to make the block, all the way until the 4th quarter where Brady had a potential TD battled out by the DLine.

A lot of credit is due, to keep going and keep fighting when you know it’s all for nothing. The pride you have to keep going and giving your all. It’s a characteristic that has been instilled in the defense and one that reflects the people of Chicago. That’s a real up to me.

Khalil Herbert

This was the third week on the bounce that Herbert has caught the attention of the NFL world and rightly so. He came up against the best run defense of the entire NFL, which, as those who read my pre-match preview know, only let up an average of 54 rushing yards per game. Herbert laughed at that.

The 6th round draft pick came in into the game not expecting anything and left the game with 100 rushing yards, their number, area code and social security number. He straight up punched them in the mouth and said try and stop me. The only thing that he didn’t get was the TD he deserved.

Cairo Santos

This may seem like picking at anything I can get, but Cairo has been as solid as anyone in the entire NFL. In a game of nothing he managed to take the one chance he was given and put points on the board. A big up. He actually scored points.

But more than that, he kept his field goal streak alive, kicking 34 consecutive field goals. This is a franchise record in regular season games and is the 10th best streak in NFL history. The man needs respect and this game may have given him the chance to get some.


The scoreline was embarassing

This is a quick one. It was just dreadful; you would not think the Bears made the playoffs last year. We are the first team to give up 21 points in the first quarter this year and it set the tone for the rest of the game. No response at all, not even when the Buccs took their foot off the pedal. Woeful. Negligent. Embarrassing.

OLine made of Ghosts

I’m not blaming Justin Fields for anything against the Buccs. He was let down and left to drown in Tampa Bay. He had no chance to do anything with the OLine in the state it was in. He couldn’t get through his play reads before he was smashed in the back or clattered to the floor.

They allowed him to be sacked 4 times, gave no reaction when Fields lost the ball because of this, and made him rush every decision. They are literally paid to protect the QB and they failed. Straight up. Yes it was a patched up line and against the SuperBowl winners. But you either have to step up or step aside and based on the treatment of Fields, they just stepped aside.

3 up 3 down regular: Receivers drop the ball

Fields surprisingly threw for 184yards against the Buccs and was 22 completions for 32 attempts. Not completely down in the dumps as opposed to what it felt like watching the game. However this tale could have been a bit more optimistic if the receivers helped him out.

Cole Kmet dropped his first reception which would have been a 1st down catch on the first drive after a perfect throw; Allen Robinson slipped on a sure-fire long gain leading to an interception; Mooney missed two catches and tipped one into the arms of a Buccs defender for another interception; and Horsted seemingly wore gravity boots which would have been a TD if he timed his jump right.

It wasn’t all their fault, but the momentum that could have been gained was lost in an instant from just the above examples and a much different game it could have been had they taken these chances. Or at least a more respectful score line.

Join us again next week for another edition of 3 up 3 down.

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