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3 Up 3 Down: Bears at Rams

It’s 3 up 3 down time again, and while the game didn’t go as well as we all hoped it would, there were still some good performances to look back on, and some not so good. So let’s jump right in.


Justin Fields

Of course. He came on, did what he was posted to do and did it well. 2/2 and a running TD on the 5 plays he completed. It was strange and disjointed (Nagy putting him in as he did) but it was great to see him play and I won’t lie, I yelped when he ran in for the TD.

We’ll no doubt see him more and more, and hopefully he will be allowed the freedom to show the prowess we know he has. But it was a good start with what he had to do and I’m very grateful we got to see it.

Cole Kmet

My guy. My absolute guy. Anyone who reads my stuff knows I’m all in on Kmet. He is all about big aggressive play and not going down without a fight. His whole aura was encapsulated in a play that saw him catch for 5 yards, fight for another 5 whilst 5 guys tried to stop him.

He isn’t the quickest and he won’t fly you to the end-zone, but when the going gets tough, the tough will get kicked, suplexed, bodyslammed, and run over by Kmet. When you’re 3rd and 4 and need to keep moving, he’ll keep you moving.

He was in the top 10 TEs in terms of catches and targets in the final 5 games of 2020 and he continued that form as he led the Bears TEs with 51 snaps against the Rams. He’s going in one direction and I wouldn’t want to be in his way.

David Montgomery

He was the best player on the field for the Bears, and he earned that right. Throwing off Aaron Donald is no easy feat, but to do it within 10yards of the end-zone and then to make the TD is impressive. The man fights for every yard and I don’t think you’ll find someone who wants to turn 2yards into 3-4yards as bad as him.

Montgomery finished the Rams game with 16 carries for 108yards, averaging him out at 6.8 yards per carry (YPC). This took him to 2nd in the NFL for rushing and he was first in YPC for players with 15+ carries. He has the talent to help launch this offence.

He’ll cover the grass, work for every blade and when he has the room will turn on the burners. He just needs more snaps and not share them out as much. Not a fault on his part, but an observation that will allow him to stay in the groove and turn 100 yards into 150. Here’s hoping he stays healthy and raring to go


Last season Nagy gave up the play calling to help create a catalyst to improve the Bears. This season he said he had learnt some lessons and took back control of them for this season…Oh dear. Nagy didn’t look like he learnt his lesson and if it carries on we’re in for a long season.

The plays were the same old quick fire short passes we had become accustomed to under Trubisky. The only issue now, is we can’t blame Trubisky’s talent on why we are playing them. This off-season we amassed one of the quickest WR units in the league, but never made a play that allowed them to use their speed.

Dalton didn’t have a completed pass over 10yards. 27/38 passes, 206 yards, no TDs. Granted since 2020 the Rams defence has allowed the fewest TDs against passes travelling over 10 yards, but you’re not going to win by restricting your offence to move 5 yards at a time.

It was opitimised by the choice to go for it on a 4th and 15 when the Bears were in field goal range. We’d not thrown over 15 yards the entire game, yet rather than take the points, we go for it… and give the ball away.

Defensive backs looked weak

The Rams cut through the Bears defence with ease. It’s that simple. Optimised by a Cooper Kupp 56 yard touchdown where he found himself wide open 15 yards behind three Bears backfield players, the Bears defence looked like it was filled with rookies. These guys are experienced pros, but you wouldn’t know.

The Rams scored a 60 yard TD after a simple play action resulted in Stafford launching the ball behind the Bears backfield. Jefferson caught the ball but stumbled and went down to the ground.

Any young player will be taught to touch the man, make sure he’s downed, but no-one did and Jefferson was able to get up and run in for the TD. It’s simple stuff, but it’s not being done. Sean Desai has his work cut out for himself that’s for sure.

LT Woes Continue

The Bears went into this game with a patched up O-Line as it is. Losing 2021 second round draft pick Teven Jenkins to a back injury was sore, but then Ifedi hardly had time to train and it says something when you have to elicit the help of 39 year old Peters.

But things go from bad to worse when Peters has to leave the field for the medical tent, only for his replacement and another 2021 draft pick Larry Borom also having to leave the field. When Elijah Wilkinson made the 53-man roster, I bet he wasn’t expecting to get into the team so soon!

He has his chance and I hope he takes it because lord knows we can’t have any more upsets, otherwise we’ll be calling Leno Jr. and asking for him to take us back. Who’d have thought that at the end of last year?

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