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It may only be one game, by the Broncos are in the history books after conceding a staggering, earth shattering, team chemistry destroying 70 (SEVENTY) points in one game. So let’s over react, or maybe it’s not after this absolute horror show.


The fact that it’s only Sean Payton’s third game is making me hold back a little, but there’s no fluidity or explosiveness on display. Wilson was 23/38-306-1-1 with only 1 sack, but I never felt Denver were about to rack up some serious points, or even trouble the Dolphins too much.

The offence has so little gel that they were kept in the entire game even though they were down by 49-13 entering the fourth quarter. It needs to come together quickly because at 0-3 this season could get away from us real quick.


His time as Broncos head coach was bad, 11-21 for those who don’t remember. DC Vance Joseph then went to Arizona where he rebuilt his reputation as a great defensive coach. But now he’s back in Denver and his unit have conceded 122 points in three games.

Yes I know it’s early and 70 of those points were given up in this one game, but VJ has very little credit in the tank with Broncos fans and it will only take another couple of losses for the fans to want his head.


I’m trying to finish on a positive, which is tough today because this loss really hurts. But seeing Javonte Williams back on the field banging out a 10+ yarder has to warm your heart. Even on a day like today.

Hopefully he will continue his recovery and take the Broncos to better places. Love that kid.

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