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A lot has changed for the Cardinals since Kyler Murray went down late last season. A new staff, new players, less stars, and a trade for a QB.

A lot has been made over the future of Murray with the Cardinals new regime despite him signing a fiver-year $230.5 million extension before the 2022 season. Josh Doubs, however, has proven that he is definitely not the answer, and do the Cardinals really want to retool the roster around another rookie QB?


For his part, Kyler Murray seems to have been working his ass off to get back on the field for the Cardinals, and not just physically. Murray hasn’t missed a single meeting since the new staff came on board and his work has impressed his new staff.

Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Drew Petzing was effusive in his comments about Murray, “He was awesome. I think his engagement in the meeting room certainly showed up. You saw some strides quickly, like it was something that didn’t take very long, like, ‘All right, I got it.’

“Really encouraged by that. He was really into it. I think it was exciting and fun for him to be out there, so it was great to see that. I mean, anytime you go through an injury and a rehab like that, your first time back on the field, there’s some emotions, some energy and it was good to see that from him.”

“I was really encouraged with how well he did making that transition. It’s not an easy one, and it’s not always gonna be smooth, but he’s asking the right questions, he’s doing the right things. I think he’s putting himself in a position to be successful and operate the offense when he’s out there.”

After a very hard start to the season this is exactly the news Cardinals fans were hoping to hear . Hopefully Kyler Murray will be back on the field again very soon.

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