Will 2-4 Titans ship epic Derrick Henry?

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With the NFL’s trade deadline fast approaching, Titans RB Derrick Henry is once again being mentioned as one of the major pieces that could be on the move.

But having failed to do it in the summer will the Titans finally make the move and send their talisman on his way? With the Titans season teetering on the edge of disaster now may well be the time to cash in, although the price probably won’t be that great, and build towards the future.


The Titans backfield has already begun its shift away from Derrick Henry, with Tyjae Spears seeing almost as many snaps (183) as Henry (198) so far this season. However, there is still a massive disparity in the running snaps with Henry (102) still way ahead of Spears (31).

The problem with that is that Spears is averaging more per carry at 5.5 than Henry’s 4.3. Now that can well be put down to situational factors, but there’s also the fact that when Henry is in the game he’s probably running, but with Spears being a two-way threat is harder to key on one play.

The stat that will likely tip the balance in favour of a move for Derrick Henry is the yards after contact for each back. Henry, known for his power running and brutal style average 3.12 yards after contact. Spears, however, averages 4.06.

Earlier in the season Titans HC Mike Vrabel had this to say about the Henry trade rumours “We’re going to need Derrick and everybody so we can figure out what we can do consistently. Derrick will be a huge part of that, I can assure you. We’re just trying to get everybody involved. Let’s continue to find ways to get Tyjae and Derrick in there.”

While the ideal situation may be to have two very good backs, the truth is the Titans season is already in the crapper, and it may be time to accept that and move on.

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