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The San Francisco 49ers are piling on defensive coordinator Steve Wilks and it really makes no sense. The defensive coordinator called a zero blitz that went 60 yards for a TD to end the first half, and that’s being dissected as one of the key factors in the 49ers losing.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan said, “He knows he messed up on that call. I have no problem with zero blitzes, especially when people need a lot of yards. If you need to get 20 yards to kick a field goal, I have no problem with a zero blitz. But I do when there’s 16 seconds left. That’s where he lost track. There was no necessary need for that just because of the time. I have no problem with that play call, but when it’s that time, you can’t do that. That’s not an option.”


But while you can analyse the call, and I have no issue with Steve Wilks, or anyone on the 49ers trying to make better decisions this call isn’t where this game was lost. One of the issues with modern sports is not being able to call out players. Steve Wilks didn’t lose this game, Brock Purdy did.

Wilks is taking one for the team, “I take full responsibility for that call. I have to do a better job in putting the guys in a better position. We have good players. I know that and can’t really press the issue and with that moving forward, it’s my responsibility to do that. So I wish I could take it back, but again, I’ve got to do better.”

The 49ers defence shut out the Vikings in the fourth quarter, and Purdy turned the ball over twice. The 49ers NEVER led in the game. Even though their defence gave them the ball on the Vikings 44 by picking off Kirk Cousins on the Vikings first possession.

So blaming one call, that meant that the 49ers trailed at half time, instead of trailing is spurious. Was it a silly call, yes…but all these pundits would be calling it genius if it had led to a turnover.

For the HC to pile on in a press conference is ridiculous. There was plenty of blame to go around for the offense, but I guess they can’t be expected to be perfect, unlike Steve Wilks.

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