Sunday, August 1, 2021

Russell Wilson talk is much ado about nothing

With the NFL and National media all abuzz with the Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle talk you can tell that silly-season has hit the NFL. Joining the media’s favourite clickbait stories along with the DeShaun Watson rumours, Seattle’s franchise QB has become easy fodder.

But if you look at what Russell Wilson said, the tone and context are very, very different from those used by Watson with the Texans. In fact what Wilson has actually said is that he wants to stay in Seattle. End of story you would think, but not for the media.


It’s easy to see how this story is going to go. Seahawks GM John Schneider always says that he will listen to any offers but that doesn’t mean he will trade players away. And that’s not going to help this narrative at all because every team who doesn’t have a franchise QB in stalled will now call just to see if there’s any chance.

So while Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere, we will now have to sit through months of speculation and drawn out “trade offers” made up by ESPN, and NFL Network. Because lets’ be clear, Wilson wants to stay in Seattle and the price to get him away would be so high that very few teams could afford it.

Of the teams on Wilson’s agent’s list none have the draft capital to swing a deal without going into 3-4 years of first round picks and why would Seattle want to go in full rebuild mode with no high draft pick to select a QB in 2021.

It makes no sense.

Russ is merely venting his frustration that his prime years are being wasted with him running for his life behind an offensive line that is so far below standard it’s laughable. Wilson is so good that he keeps the team competitive, but it’s only a matter of time before all of these hits lead to an injury.

Whether it will lead to Wilson getting any input to personnel decisions is debatable, but the fact that he is looking for input should tell people that he is committed to the Seattle Seahawks. If he wanted out he could easily have gone the Deshaun Watson route and acted like a petulant child. But that’s not the situation in Seattle.

Make as many bets as you like: Russell Wilson will be in Seattle in 2021 and beyond.

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