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Robert “Road Runner” Foster Making a Statement For the Dolphins Depth Chart

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When early predictions came out as to which wide receiver will make the final cut for the Miami Dolphins regular season depth chart, Robert Foster (nicknamed Road Runner) was nowhere to be found on any list. But if Robert Foster has something to say about it, his performance this offseason at camp has stated otherwise. There has not a day went by in either training camp or mini camp where his name has not been mentioned as one of the more impressive members of the receiving corps not of the top three (Fuller, Waddle, Parker) behind Albert Wilson.

When Foster signed with the Dolphins out of free agency this offseason, he said that Brian Flores told him to make the best of every opportunity that was given to him. And he has done just that. However, that hasn’t come without competition. Other receivers competing for a Dolphins roster spot are Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant, Lynn Bowden Jr., Mack Hollins, Isaiah Ford, Kirk Merritt, Allen Hurns, and Kai Locksley.

Preston Williams is currently on the Covid-19 reserve list and Fuller, Parker, and Waddle presumably have the top three spots locked. And Albert Wilson’s training camp results seems to be securing him the number four spot on the depth chart.


Robert Foster is fast (recorded a 4.34/40 at Alabama and 4.41/40 at the NFL Combine) but he may not consider himself the fastest player on the Dolphins. In a press conference earlier in the year, he was asked if he would challenge Jakeem Grant one on one in a 40 yard dash competition. Foster said he “would rather leave it in the park for right now”. Foster’s NFL combine 40 yard dash was the fifth fastest among all wide receivers in the NFL combine his draft year.

Foster came to the Dolphins in free agency during the offseason. He formerly played for Washington, Green Bay, and Buffalo. Foster was signed as an undrafted free agent with Buffalo in 2018. During Foster’s rookie season with Buffalo, he averaged an incredible 20 yards per reception with 541 yards in 27 receptions.

Foster attended the University of Alabama playing alongside teammates Tua Tagovailoa and Raekwon Davis. Robert Foster was so good in high school he was listed as the number two wide receiver in the nation in some places while other places had him listed as the number one wide receiver. Because of injuries and missed opportunities, Foster’s production at Alabama wasn’t as great as he wanted it to be. And it was hard to get back high on the depth chart with Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, and Devonta Smith all ahead of him.

It was Foster that caught Tua Tagovailoa’s first college pass when Tua made his college debut at Alabama on September 9, 2017. Now, Foster is hoping to catch a NFL pass from Tagovailoa during the regular NFL season.

It is yet to be determined how many or which wide receivers will make the final roster. In Robert Foster’s case, he hasn’t done anything to hurt his chances. Whether he makes it or not, Foster can hold his head up high knowing that he gave his very best of every opportunity given to him, as Flores told him, during training camp.

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