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Premier League vote to extend PPV

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As the Premier League vote to extend PPV games it shows just how far top division football has come in the last 28 years. It has now completely removed itself from the working class roots of England into the high-end business product that is solely profit driven.

With the results of the first round of PPV games averaging 40,000 subscriptions per match, there will be no turning back now.

With a global pandemic sweeping across Europe for a second wave killing thousands of people per day, these businesses have decided now is the time to put their boots on the throats of the British fan and squeeze every last penny they can from them.

Horrendous optics as Premier League vote to extend PPV

The irony of the situation seems lost on the biggest teams. When Marcus Rashford is out campaigning for money for food for the poorest children in the country as wages are squeezed and times become tougher, how can it be acceptable for the top sport in the country to pick this moment for a money grab.

Having just spend £1.2 BILLION in the transfer window, do they really need to milk the fans for more money? The answer of course is no. They don’t need the money. They just want it, and as much of it as you have.

British fans are already paying the best part of £120 per month for their TV subscriptions for the other five games per week. To now be asked for more shows this league is now solely about money. When fat cat, and all-round hated owner Mike Ashley is the voice of reason you know things have gone too far.

The funny thing is you could almost forgive them their money grab if they had reversed it now. Billionaire’s don’t think twice about £15 for something. So maybe they were oblivious to reality. And then they saw the outrage of the fans. The fans who boycotted the games and gave more to charities instead.

They saw the horrendous press they received. And their response? Well the Premier League vote to extend PPV of course. Because they don’t care about optics as long as enough people are willing to pay them.

This is not your fathers game any more

Premier League vote to extend PPV in hopes of making even more money
Premier League vote to extend PPV in hopes of making even more money

You can see how out of touch these billionaires are by the mere suggestion of their plan. Having “given away the games for free” at the end of last season and the beginning of this, they believe they have done you, the customer, a service.

Never mind that the “free” games you’ve seen were already behind a pay wall. No subscription, no free games. That’s not free Mr. Billionaire. But not to worry, the games are still only on one at a time, so you can still see them all if you want to say the Premier League. Which is true, as long as you have an extra £75 per week to shell out.

The Premier League vote to extend PPV is nothing more than billionaires lining their own pockets. What’s the solution? Unfortunately I think we have probably gone too far down this road to ever fix it.

More likely is a breakaway super league. After all there’s more money in that.

The PPV games with the bigger teams in performed better after all. So why would the big teams, the revenue generating products, want to spread their profits supporting the likes of Fulham, West Brom, and Burnley?

Think it could never happen? It happened back in 1992 when the Premier League was formed. There is no reason to think it won’t now the power is in the hands of foreign Billionaires who don’t give a damn about the English game.

Of course it would be disastrous to the English game, but what do you think this Premier League vote to extend PPV will do to it? The answer is the owners don’t care. As long as you continue to pay.

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