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OTAs: Royce Freeman Preparing for big Workload

Royce Freeman may not be as talented as Saquon Barkley, but his opportunities come September could be just as good.

The Broncos are not messing around! They upgraded their quarterback game by signing Case Keenum, their passing-catching game by picking Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton, and Troy Fumagalli, and made all the moves necessarily to give their offense a chance to shine! But, in terms of Fantasy Football, there is one guy that clearly sticks out to me with a better outlook than all of the rest of the guys they got in the offseason. His name is Royce Freeman!

On draft day, Royce Freeman may have fell to the third round. However, if I were Nick Chubb(Brown’s second round selection) or Sony Michel(Patriot’s first round selection), I would have been okay falling down to the third round if it meant I would get as great of a team fit as Royce Freeman found himself. For being a third-round selection, Royce Freeman could see more touches come his way week one.

The position Royce Freeman finds himself in is better than plenty of running backs drafted ahead of him.

The backfield in Denver finds it self in a very vulnerable position to be taken over. After C.J. Anderson was cut from the Denver Broncos, this backfield didn’t consist of a quality back. Devontae Booker was drafted in the fourth round of 2016 and hasn’t managed to break out despite 253 carries over his first two years in the NFL.

The backfield probably will be Devontae Booker’s backfield to begin with in training camp, but I don’t see him holding on to long. As Royce Freeman will certainly have a chance to earn the starting job come day one.

I don’t see Devontae Booker taking the starting running back position after failing to impress his first two seasons.

What makes me so confident that Royce Freeman is going to be the starting running back week one?

It is always hard to tell how much of an impact a rookie will make. But a player dominance in college can sometimes be a big factor in success in the NFL.

If this has anything to do with Royce Freeman than Royce Freeman is going to be a big time star!

Over his four year career at Oregon, Freeman established himself through consistency year after year. Every year he produced at least a 5.4 yards per carry mark. Three out of the four years, he rushed at least 240 times. Which also makes him a bell-cow back.

Being a bell-cow back allowed Royce Freeman to break some records. His 5,621 career rushing yards in college is not only an Oregon and Pac-Ten, but it ranks sixth all-time in college football!

Freeman’s 5,621 rushing yards at Oregon puts him up there with college legends like Tony Dorsett and DeAngelo Williams who also had successful NFL careers.

As well as rushing for over 5,000 yards, he nearly got 1,000 receiving yards in his days at Oregon. This makes his overall all-purpose yard total 6,435 yards and makes him first in Oregon’s school history. Receivers included too.

Royce Freeman knows how to score too! His 60 rushing touchdowns are a Pac-Ten and Oregon record as well.

Freeman’s stats are amazing and he showed that he can produce big time stat totals. Stats have positive correlation with talent, so don’t think his college stats are just a fluke. If he had the talent to do this well in college, he has the talent to be a number one back in the NFL.

Fantasy Football Outlook

Just how high should he be taken in Fantasy Football drafts?

Almost anything football related can have an impact on fantasy football. The same thing applies with Royce Freeman.

His plethora of opportunity that will be granted over the season potentially obviously makes him a big fantasy football target for team owners.

The same thing with his ability to handle big loads. While that is a plus for the Broncos, that is a plus in Fantasy Football also. With there being so many committee backfields lately, it is rare to find a guy that can take on 250+ touches per season.

The potential for Royce Freeman is really high. I have him as a top 50 player in any format. Obviously dynasty and standard is where he will have the most impact. But even in PPR, I have Freeman as a top 25 running back. Right now I have him as my 23rd highest rated running back. I think he can produce over 1,000 rushing yards this season and I am saying that with 100% confidence! He is a catch for sure in Fantasy Football!

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