Saturday, December 5, 2020

Julio Jones Absence from OTAs is Causing Confusion

The rock solid superstar for the Falcons, Julio Jones is causing news around the NFL for missing OTAs.
Every year when OTAs and training camps come around there is always at least one big star skipping the practices and trying to earn them self a better contract. It has become the inevitable in the NFL. This year, Julio Jones is the big name holding out of the OTAs.

Over the past seven years Julio Jones has played in the NFL, he has been known to be one of the most accountable and productive players on the Falcons roster. The Falcons just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have Julio Jones.

Come back Julio!

Along with being Matt Ryan’s favorite target, Julio Jones has some achieved some great achievements over the course of his career. This includes becoming the second-leading receiver in the Falcon’s franchise history. With 9,054 career receiving yards, it should only take Julio a year or two to surpass Roddy White for the number one spot in that category.

Julio Jones has been more to the Falcons than just Matt Ryan’s number one target!

Julio Jones isn’t getting paid to be an average receiver in the NFL, he is getting paid to be a number one receiver for the Falcons. Yet, Julio Jones is holding out until there is some sort of correction is made to his contract.

As we dive further into Jones contract details, he makes an average of 14.25 million a year. That isn’t too shabby as it ranks eighth for receivers. His guaranteed money is the third most for receivers too. Mike Evans and DeAndre Hopkins are the two that make more. Although if I were Julio Jones, I wouldn’t be complaining. Those are some pretty dominant receivers.

Mike Evans leads the NFL with over 38 million dollars in his contract guaranteed.

So what really is the problem with Jones’ contract?

Well even though Julio Jones denies his absence being due to a contract situation and plans to be in Atlanta “forever”, Ian Rapoport reports differently.

According to Rapoport’s reports, Julio Jones “want some sort of correction to his contract”. It would make sense if the contract correction Julio Jones wants has to do with this year’s contract.

Julio Jones is only set to make 10.5 million this year. This is nearly 4 million less than his average throughout the contract. Next year he isn’t going to make his 14.25 million either(12.5 million). His revenue over the next two years is outside of the top ten receivers.

It is hard to pinpoint and correctly identify what Julio Jones whats fixed. However, it could do with the amount of money he is supposed to make over the next two years

Either way what ever the reason is for Julio Jones’ holdout, I think the Falcons will be willing to compromise. After all, they just Matt Ryan a ton of money. It was a five year, 150 million dollar contract. The Falcons don’t want Ryan to have to play without his number one target.

The Falcon’s investment in Matt Ryan could have a hard time paying off if Julio Jones isn’t there to support him.

Regardless of all the contract drama, Julio Jones will most likely suit up week one when it is all done and over with. Even Julio Jones himself says that he wants to play his whole career as a Falcon.

Julio seems to have a good relationship with the team and all his issues now with holding out will seem minor once the regular season is up and going!

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