Cardinals tank grinds to a halt in week 3

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It was supposed to be a tanking season for the Cardinals, but Josh Dobbs and co had different ideas as they shocked the Cowboys 28-16 on Sunday.

It’s still a long season ahead, but there were certainly signs against the Cowboys that this Cardinals team really isn’t tanking and is probably more likely to be middle of the pack, or better.


After a shaky start, understandable after only a few days on the roster before making his first start, Dobbs has steadily improved and shown he is a genuinely serviceable QB option in the absence of Kyler Murray. Don’t get me wrong this won’t be a QB battle once Murray is healthy but I’ve been impressed with Dobbs development and ability to lead a group of men he’s only just met.


I’d never heard of Drew Pertzing when the Cardinals appointed him offensive coordinator, but he is fast becoming someone to pay attention to. His dynamic play calling, keeping one of the NFL’s most exciting, dynamic and aggressive defenses on their heels was an impressive feat.

As much as the wins, keep an eye on this offences development over the next few weeks because if Pertzing can keep growing this fast we could have something special growing in the desert.


Barring a second half collapse of epic proportions against the Giants in week 2 the defence has allowed only 36 points in 10 quarters. The absolute meltdown that lost week 2 looked an anomaly against the Cowboys as the Arizona D kept Dak Prescott from exploding, and holding a team hotly tipped for a playoff run to only 16 points.

It just makes me ask what would’ve happened if we’d had this coaching group last year instead of Kliff Kingsbury’s crew.

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