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Are things about to get ugly in Green Bay after QB draft pick?

The Green Bay Packers are facing some serious scrutiny right now after a controversial draft last week.

Despite many expecting the Packers to take a wide receiver from an exceptionally deep pool of talent, Green Bay used their first-round pick to draft QB Jordan Love.

This is despite Aaron Rodgers still having three years left on his $134 million contract with the team and being one of the most talented QBs in the league.

It’s also despite the fact their star quarterback had publicly told the world he hoped Green Bay’s front office took a skill-position player in the first round.

Rodgers has infamously only thrown one touchdown pass to a first-round pick in his entire career, instead being surrounded by predominantly less than elite talent at receiver.

Davante Adams has been carrying much of the load but has had little in the way of support when providing Rodgers with a reliable target through the air.

Many believe Rodgers has been wasted by Green Bay who have systematically denied him star receivers who could have significantly boosted his performance and the offence as a whole.

As the Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman said: “If you don’t believe [Rodgers] is ultra mad at this selection, well, you’re wrong.”

Freeman, who describes Rodgers as a “world-class grudge holder”, believes all it will take is for the Packers to suffer some unsightly losses this season and Rodgers will explode.

And given everything that has happened during this off-season, it’s feasible to see something drastic taking place should that happen.

We’ve already seen Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ditch the team he called home for two decades because he didn’t feel he was being given the weapons to win.

We’ve seen arguably one of the greatest wide receivers in the league – DeAndre Hopkins – get shipped out of Houston because of a rift with head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien for next to nothing.

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Could Aaron Rodgers’ fate fall the same way?

Last week, Packers legend Brett Favre told the media he believed Rodgers may decide to finish his NFL career.

Favre, who ended up playing the final three years of his carer in other cities, told NBC Sports that he had spoken to Rodgers about the Love pick.

He said: “Let’s just say (he was) surprised that they went in that direction.”

When asked if he expects 36-year-old Rodgers to finish his career in green Bay, Favre said it was not likely.

He added: “It’s not Aaron’s job to mentor Jordan Love.”

Pundits have drawn comparison between the Rodgers and Love situation and the way Favre left Green Bay in 2008.

Favre was replaced by Rodgers as the Packers’ starting quarterback three years after Green Bay chose Rodgers with the 24th overall draft pick.

The two-time NFL most valuable player is expected to make $21 million next season.

What doesn’t help Rodgers case is that he managed to take the Packers all the way to the NFC Championship last season despite only really having Davante Adams as a viable receiving option.

The second best receiver on the team was running back Aaron Jones who recorded a monster year on the ground.

The Packers drafted Boston College running back AJ Dillon so whether the front office are planning on using Jones more through the air remains to be seen.

Another factor which could see the Packers avoid an ugly situation is the fact that the rest of the teams in the NFC North have not really improved dramatically.

The Lions have a lot of work to do, the Bears have a quarterback dilemma on their hands and the Vikings have lost Stefon Diggs.

What do you think about the Packers’ situation with Rodgers? Do you think they were wrong to draft Jordan Love?

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Katie Feehan
Born in Yorkshire, Katie is a freelance journalist currently based in York. As a keen sports writer, Katie has a diploma in Multimedia Journalism from the Press Association and has worked on the busy Newcastle Chronicle sports desk. She has also written for Gateshead FC and contributed to various websites including HITC and Give Me Sport.

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