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After a tumultuous week the Bears, and Justin Fields in particular, took the field with a point to prove on Sunday. Instead they were flat, started slow and were soundly beaten in Kansas City by the Chiefs. What can we make of another loss?


I honestly expected Justin Fields to be a spark this week. After all of the talk, and OC Luke Getsy getting pulled from play calling , I thought he would go off, but there was no sign of the exciting dynamic Fields of last season. At this point it’s almost beyond hope for Fields to turn into a franchise QB.

He lacks patience, he lacks accuracy, and he lacks that dynamism. At this point the relationship seems broken and without a spark, and quickly, this teams is in a death spiral. The Bears didn’t score a touchdown until 4:20 left in the 4th quarter when they were already down by 38 points. The epitome of pointlessness.


The defence has had its issues in terms of coaching staff, but allowing 27 points in the second quarter was beyond anything I was expecting. Yes the Chiefs are a good team, but it was pathetic. In the final 3:05 of the second the Chiefs scored FOUR TIMES.

Clearly the offensive turnovers and short fields haven’t helped, but the fight seems to have left this franchise in the opening three games.


It’s a bit of a toilet-bowl matchup this week as the Bears host the Broncos, the only team that was worse than Chicago in week 3, losing 70-20 in Miami. I’m not expecting Chicago to get anywhere near 70 points but this game has must win written all over it. The Broncos are 0-3 and have lost to two bad teams in the Raiders and Commanders.

I hardly dare contemplate the idea that the Bears could lose this game.

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