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XFL Week 2 Power Rankings – Vipers prop up the pack, Roughnecks lead the way

XFL Week 2 is in the books and the league is starting to heat up. But with only a 10-week regular season, teams don’t have many opportunities to prove their worth. Here’s where we think the teams stand with our Week 2 Power Ranking:

8. Tampa Bay Vipers (0-2)
XFL Vipers QB makes a play

After losing both of their opening games, the Vipers have really struggled to get anything going on either side of the ball.

Their only touchdown came from a pick-six and their offence has failed to achieve anything more than a field goal in each of their games so far. It’s hard to see the Vipers being any sort of a threat at the moment, especially with the Roughnecks in town next week.

7. LA Wildcats (0-2)

After a poor start in Week 1, LA showed they meant business by sacking defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson. Even with the return of starting QB Josh Johnson, the Wildcats struggled to get going in Week 2.

Defensively they showed signs of improvement in XFL Week 2, but even when their opponents struggled to score, LA could not make it count.

6. New York Guardians (1-1)

After a promising start at home in Week 1, the Guardians looked early favourites to win it all. How the mighty have fallen. In-fighting and tantrums from their QB did not help their struggling offence in Week 2.

New Yorks defence struggled to contain DC, and after an uncomfortable game, they made history in the XFL by being the first team to fail to score a single point in a game.

5. Seattle Dragons (1-1)

Despite putting in a decent performance in Week 1 against DC, Seattle barely grabbed the win in XFL Week 2. Their offence has showed promise at times, with stud WR Keenan Reynolds making big plays when called upon.

The defence has made big plays of its own too. Having only played the best and worst of the league so far, the Dragons NEED to win the middle-ground games if they want to make a championship run.

4. Dallas Renegades (1-1)

Dallas started the season without their starting QB Landry Jones, so offensively they had to climb up hill heading into XFL Week 2. It took them the best part of 3 quarters to find their rhythm, but once they did, the Renegades made some strong plays.

They’ve done pretty well so far on the other side of the ball as well, and if their progress continues, they could make a formidable football team.

3. St Louis Battlehawks (1-1)

Despite being only 1-1, this team could easily finish the season 9-1. Offensively they look dangerous with QB Jordan Ta’amu at the helm, and they have the capacity for big plays defensively too.

If it wasn’t for a few giveaways and penalties away from home, this team could have easily been unbeaten so far. If they can sort these problems out, then St Louis could be on for a comfortable championship run.

2. DC Defenders (2-0)

After strong wins in both of their games, including a total shut out of New York last weekend, the DC Defenders are comfortably at the top of the East Division. With an offence led by the man-mountain QB Cardale Jones, and a defence that has ripped apart its two opponents so far, the Defenders have looked confident on both sides of the ball.

However, the reason they’re not top of this list is because both of the teams they’ve beaten are at the bottom of it. We’re yet to see DC come against a strong opponent, and with them not facing any of the teams in the top half of this list until Week 5, it may be a while until they are truly challenged.

  1. Houston Roughnecks (2-0)

The Roughnecks explosive offence and bend-but-don’t-break defence has led them to two big wins in the opening weeks. Having defeated the Battlehawks and the Renegades, it’s hard to see how anyone can stop QB P.J. Walker and the Houston offence.

Some are even calling Walker the MVP so far, and with some of the plays he’s made already, it’s easy to see why. The next few weeks should be fairly comfortable for the Roughnecks too, travelling to Tamp Bay next week, and their state rivals Dallas the week after. It’s tough to see either of those teams breaking Houston’s unbeaten record.

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