Friday, May 24, 2024

XFL: Operations suspended as league shuts up shop

ESPN and the Bleacher Report are saying that the XFL suspended all operations and laid off all staff.

XFL No More?

Field Yates started by tweeting this:

Bleacher Report has also reported this too about the XFL and it’s actions:

If this is indeed true, as it seems to be, then COVID-19 has it’s highest profile sports victim so far. The XFL no more?

Many fans of the league will be disappointed, especially as it seemed to have shown promise as an off-season favourite for many fans.

The question in many minds is this – what’s next?

The league canceled its season last month after five games as part of a USA-wide shutdown due to coronavirus concerns, pledging to return in 2021.

XFL president and CEO Jeffery Pollack
XFL CEO and President Jeffrey Pollack

CEO Jeffrey Pollack changed course Friday, apparently conducting a 10-minute conference call to inform employees.

It is not clear if Commissioner Oliver Luck, hired in 2018 to guide the most ambitious spring football league in decades, if he is still with the league.

Former league staffers who was on the call, Pollack stopped short of saying the league was going out of business. But the strong implication was clear. “It’s done,” the staffer said. “It’s not coming back.”

There has been no comment from the league, at this time.

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