Saturday, December 5, 2020

WWE Wrap Up: Team Hell No Is Back

In a very bland week, Team Hell No reformed, Authors of Pain finally resurfaced and Rollins failed to reclaim. The news outside the main shows is really what stole attention. NXT put out a great UK Tournament and announced an NXT UK brand. WWE 2K19 was announced with AJ Styles as the cover.

Rey Mysterio was announced as a DLC character, which usually means that the character is coming back to WWE. Then in a really weird bit of news. Shinsuke Nakamura was bitten by a police dog in the arena Tuesday night and was forced out of his match with Jeff Hardy. There has to be more to the story, and if anyone has it please contact me, I want to hear it.

Team Hell No Is Back, Tag Divisions Get Interesting

Team Hell No
Team Hell No

In probably his last full-time WWE run, Kane came out to save his former partner, Daniel Bryan, from the Bludgeon Brothers. The shock return has given some much needed life to the Smackdown tag team division, who were running out of viable threats to throw at the Brothers. This gives us a nice feud to lead up to Summerslam, and gives a worthwhile push to a guy on his last run.

Not only did Smackdown get a much needed boost in the tag team division, Raw finally had one of their prized draft picks appear. The Authors of Pain finally made their main show debut, destroying two local guys. They had a run in with Titus Worldwide, who came to the local’s aid after the Authors beat them down. It’s not what we expected, but at least they are finally here. Hopefully we don’t waste them like The Ascension.  

Roman/Lashley Get Disappointing News, Decide To Fight About It

A week after announcing a 6 man match to determine to number 1 contender for the Universal Title. Angle called it off due to contractual differences with Brock Lesnar. Which in all honesty makes no sense, why do we need his permission to name a number 1 contender. He isn’t in the match, but I digress. Lashley and Roman obviously were not pleased, but as they began to get face to face, The Revival came down and tried the same tactic as last week, but it actually worked. Rolling up Roman for the pin, they actually might get some sort of push outta this.

Rollins Fails To Recapture The IC Title Despite Win

Coming back for revenge, Rollins did everything he could to regain his IC title, but in the end it didn’t matter. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre made sure he wouldn’t be walking away with the belt, planning a disqualification from the start. McIntyre interjected himself into the match, making sure the “Showoff” retained. After the bell, they continued to attack Rollins, until Roman came barging down, accompanied by boos. I assumed this would usually be Ambrose, but since he is still out we get Reigns.  The Shield brothers stood tall, but it was all for nought.

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