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The NBA and CBD, Let The Players Decide

The NBA and CBD has become a major talking point as the league aims to keep pace with reality. In an NBA offseason dominated by big transfers that will undoubtedly shape the League for years (if not decades) to come, it feels like every day there’s some big news that shakes the NBA world from its foundations and leaves you confused like JR Smith in game one of the 2018 NBA Finals.

One of the biggest moves of this offseason is the acquisition of star forward Kevin Durant by the up and coming Brooklyn Nets. The only problem is, most likely, Kevin won’t be able to play next year for an injury he suffered during game 5 of this year’s NBA Finals.

Injuries are an ugly but fair part of the game, and they should be treated with the utmost seriousness. But what are the most common ways NBA players help their bodies recover from prolonged, high-intensity physical activity?

What’s The Issue With the NBA and CBD Oil?

According to most players, marijuana is the answer.

The NBA has a rather strict approach to cannabis or CBD, although David Stern, former NBA commissioner recently came out saying that medical marijuana should be banned from the illegal substances list.

According to the World Anti-Doping Code, for a substance to be in the banned substances list it must have potential to enhance the performance of an athlete; must pose a risk to the athlete’s health; or be in violation of the spirit of sport.

According to many NBA players and coaches, THC or CBD doesn’t violate any of these.

Many players have come forward to manifest their love for CBD. Celtics legend turned NBA analyst Paul Pierce and former player Al Harrington are just two of the growing list of celebrities who have endorsed the use of CBD.

CBD law in the US is regulated by the state in which it’s being used but it’s generally completely legal. Recently, Matt Barnes, former Magic, Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors player admitted that he routinely uses CBD to help him sleep and lessen anxiety, as well as managing pain. In a roundtable talk with Bleacher Report, he also discussed the possibility of many players, coaches, and even presidents of NBA franchises being active marijuana users, referring to it as sort of an open secret.

Should the NBA and CBD still be separated?

CBD Oil Is Growing In Popularity

The reasons why CBD is growing in popularity between NBA circles are many. One primary reason can be the fact that CBD is overall regarded as ​a natural therapy method rather than a proper drug like its party-animal cousin marijuana.

Over the years, a lot of NBA players have been caught carrying illegal substances and that has negatively impacted the way they’re looked at and their careers in general (The latest example is one-time All-Star and recent Golden State Warriors acquisition D’Angelo Russell).

Then there’s, of course, the fact that CBD is considered to be one of the leading natural painkillers in sports. Athletes from all major American and European leagues use it to cure pain and inflammation, nausea, to stimulate appetite and to help with headaches caused by concussions. (NFL, I’m talking to you).

This is just a glimpse in how CBD constantly helps and it’s going to continue helping athletes in the coming years. Its appeal is surely universal, but the most enticing benefits are certainly its versatility when it comes to therapeutic usage and the fact that using such products won’t leave you wandering around the court like a confused JR Smith.

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