Thursday, December 2, 2021

Quarantine Quiz 7: Guess the footballer from their last three clubs

Today’s Quarantine Quiz will revolve around football… again. Today, we will be doing something slightly different as I will simply list the last three clubs a player has represented, as well as their age, and you must try and figure out that player’s identity.

Obviously things are tough for us all, and look like they’ll only get tougher in the coming weeks and months – hopefully these quizzes can help ease some of the boredom, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Please, stay safe and stay at home.

Rules of the Quarantine Quiz

There will be 20 questions at least, written one after the other in a list form. There will be no multiple choice questions, meaning you will have to rack your brain a little bit more.

The answers will be listed out below the questions with each question number corresponding to the answer. Good luck.


Not all of the players are still playing, so bare that in mind when you consider your answers.

  1. Fulham, QPR, Crystal Palace (39 y.o)
  2. Porto B, Nacional, Chelsea (44 y.o)
  3. Tottenham, Stoke, Burnley (39 y.o)
  4. West Ham, Tottenham, Fulham (39 y.o)
  5. Liverpool, West Ham, Newcastle (31 y.o)
  6. Valencia, PSV, Lille (43 y.o)
  7. Crystal Palace, Al-Nasr, Saint-Etienne (34 y.o)
  8. Lyon, Fenerbahce, Olympiacos (35 y.o)
  9. Birmingham City, Sydney FC, Sunderland (48 y.o)
  10. Manchester United, Sunderland (loan), Real Sociedad (25 y.o)
  11. Barcelona. Borussia Dortmund, Villarreal (26 y.o)
  12. Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur, Napoli (35 y.o)
  13. Chelsea, Atletico Madrid (loan), Real Madrid (27 y.o)
  14. Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Everton (53 y.o)
  15. Fulham, Melbourne City, Shamrock Rovers (41 y.o)
  16. Everton, LA Galaxy, Leon (38 y.o)
  17. LA Galaxy, Aston Villa (loan), ATK (39 y.o)
  18. Liverpool, West Brom, Cardiff City (38 y.o)
  19. Barcelona, Tottenham, Nagoya Grampus Eight (59 y.o)
  20. Juventus (loan), West Brom, Mumbai City (41 y.o)

Answers on next page.

Kieran Harm
Kieran hails from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and holds a degree in Sports Journalism from the University of Brighton. He covers a range of sports, specialising in football and NFL. Kieran is a long-suffering member of the Toon Army as well as a very proud member of Broncos Country.

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