Quarantine Quiz 4: The German Bundesliga

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Kieran Harm
Football and NFL Writer. Specialising in the Premier League and Bundesliga

Today’s Quarantine Quiz will revolve around football in Germany, more specifically, the Bundesliga. Obviously things are tough for us all, and look like they’ll only get tougher in the coming weeks and months – hopefully these quizzes can help ease some of the boredom, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Please, stay safe and stay at home.

Rules of the Quarantine Quiz

There will be 20 questions at least, written one after the other in a list form. There will be no multiple choice questions, meaning you will have to rack your brain a little bit more.

The answers will be listed out below the questions with each question number corresponding to the answer. Good luck.

  1. In which German city do Schalke 04 play their home games?
  2. How many teams play in the German top division?
  3. How many teams are promoted to Bundesliga each year (excluding play-offs)?
  4. How many teams from Berlin currently play in the league?
  5. How many seasons in a row have Bayern Munich won the league?
  6. How many times have Bayern won the German title in total?
  7. What is the name of the stadium in which Borussia Dortmund play their games?
  8. Who was the last team other than Bayern or Dortmund to win the league?
  9. Which club has played the most seasons in the Bundesliga having been present in 98.2% of all seasons?
  10. What does the RB stand for in the name of RB Leipzig?
  11. Which player has made the most appearances in the Bundesliga?
  12. Who is the only non-German in the top 50 Bundesliga appearance-makers?
  13. Who is the all-time top scorer in the Bundesliga?
  14. Who is the highest ranked player still playing in the list of all-time Bundesliga scorers?
  15. Who holds the record for the most goals scored in a single game in the league with 6, a record attained in the late 1970s?
  16. Which player has won the most games in the Bundesliga?
  17. What is the highest transfer fee ever paid by a German club?
  18. What is the highest transfer fee ever received by a Bundesliga club?
  19. What is the highest transfer fee ever paid between Bundesliga clubs?
  20. What is the record for the highest number of points attained in a Bundesliga season?
Bundesliga title is lifted by Bayern Munich
  1. Gelsenkirchen
  2. 18
  3. 2
  4. 2
  5. 7
  6. 29
  7. Signal Iduna Park/Westfalenstadion
  8. VFL Wolfsburg (2008/09)
  9. Werder Bremen
  10. RasenBallsport – No sponsor names allowed in German football (with some exceptions)
  11. Karl-Heinze Korbel (602)
  12. Claudio Pizarro (Peruvian)
  13. Gerd Muller (365)
  14. Robert Lewandowski (third)
  15. Dieter Muller
  16. Oliver Kahn
  17. €80m (Bayern to Atletico for Lucas Hernandez)
  18. €130m (Barcelona to Dortmund for Ousmane Dembele)
  19. €37m (Bayern Munich to Dortmund for Mario Gotze)
  20. 91 (Bayern Munich – 2012/13)

Let us know how many you got right on our Facebook page. For more like this, make sure to keep an eye on our home page over the next few weeks for regular quizzes.

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