Quarantine Quiz 3: Football

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Kieran Harm
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Today’s Quarantine Quiz will revolve around the sport of football. It will be a little bit of a pick and mix of questions, so be prepared. Obviously things are tough for us all, and look like they’ll only get tougher in the coming weeks and months – hopefully these quizzes can help ease some of the boredom, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Please, stay safe and stay at home.

Rules of the Quarantine Quiz

There will be 20 questions at least, written one after the other in a list form. There will be no multiple choice questions, meaning you will have to rack your brain a little bit more.

The answers will be listed out below the questions with each question number corresponding to the answer. Good luck.

  1. In which year did the Premier League begin?
  2. Who currently holds the record for most consecutive games with a goal?
  3. Who currently holds the record for the quickest ever Premier League hat-trick?
  4. Which player scored four goals in 12 minutes after coming on as a sub against Nottingham Forest in 1999?
  5. Who was voted as the “Player of the Century” in 1999?
  6. Who are the only team to receive a golden version of the Premier League trophy?
  7. Following on from the above question, why did they get a golden trophy?
  8. Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League?
  9. Who plays their football at the Estadio Da Luz?
  10. Who is the oldest World Cup winning captain, lifting the trophy at 40?
  11. Who were the joint second top scorers at the 2018 FIFA World Cup behind Harry Kane?
  12. Who plays their football at the Turk Telekom Stadium?
  13. How much did Manchester United pay to Sporting Lisbon for Cristiano Ronaldo?
  14. What is the name of the second division in German football?
  15. What do we call the derby games played between the two Glasgow teams?
  16. In which country would you find the clubs Anderlecht and Genk?
  17. Who were Liverpool’s kit sponsor when they won the Champions League at Istanbul in 2005
  18. Patrick Vieira is a legend for France, but which country was he actually born in?
  19. Why are Charlton Athletic known as the ‘Addicks?’
  20. What are the club colours of the German football team Hertha Berlin?
French Football stars Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit
  1. 1992
  2. Jamie Vardy (11)
  3. Sadio Mane
  4. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer
  5. Johann Cruyff
  6. Arsenal
  7. They were unbeaten.
  8. Brian Deane
  9. Benfica
  10. Dino Zoff (Italy, 1982)
  11. Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku
  12. Galatasaray
  13. £12m
  14. Bundesliga 2
  15. The Old Firm
  16. Belgium
  17. Carlsberg
  18. Senegal
  19. After a local chip shop owner who would supply players with post-match meals
  20. Blue and white

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