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Curry Sets Finals Record As Warriors Take Game 2

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Hoyt Buckingham
Hoyt Buckingham
A lifelong sports fan, Hoyt Buckingham has recently joined the Lazy Fan Sports family. He played Baseball, Football and Wrestling during his youth before recently graduating from Full Sail University, he has experience writing and creating content for He has an interest in NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, MMA and WWE.
Cleveland Cavaliers 103 - Golden State Warriors 123

In what eventually became a runaway win for the Warriors, Steph Curry set a record for most 3 pointers made in a finals game with 9. The Cavs tried to keep it close after falling behind early, but a big 4th quarter sealed the deal. Durant bounced back from an off game one while Lebron and Kevin Love paced the Cavs. Game 3 will come Wednesday in Cleveland.

Still Not Enough

Lebron came out, busted eye and all, and played his tail off. Coming up with 29 points, 13 assists and 9 boards, he just looked tired. Carrying the whole team on his back for the playoffs has finally looked like it has affected his energy. Kevin Love showed up again posted a 22 point, 10 board double-double, but no one else really got going. George Hill was aggressive in the first half, but slowed down in the second, finishing with 15 points. Tristan Thompson chipped in 11 points.

Digging a hole early, the Cavs had to fight uphill all night. The second quarter was the backbreaker. Being outscored 27-18, they just couldn’t get enough going.  Going down 13 at half, they kept it close with a couple runs in the 3rd. At one point even cutting it down to 5, but the Warriors could just make enough shots to keep ahead. Then the 4th quarter came. Curry just started draining everything, which opened up everyone else to slash to the bucket. Just running away with the game, the Cavs just gave up and put in the backups.

Defense really hurt the team tonight. The deflating loss had to have some effect on it, as they just let the Warriors walk into the paint whenever they wanted. McGee opened the game on a tear inside, which opened up the shots for the stars. It was all downhill from there for the Cavs.

It’s the same story as it’s been all playoffs, Lebron plays his tail off, Love chips in his normal contributions, but no one else is consistently showing up. J.R Smith scored a whole 5 points after being the main reason why the failed to win game 1. It’s time to let other players have some run. Kyle Korver and Jeff Green both had extended minutes and just couldn’t score. Hood played a full 4 minutes at the end of the game. The game 1 loss may have affected the morale, but they really need to get it together if they don’t want swept.

Curry Sets Finals Record

Curry just changed the entire game tonight. The Cavs being in a great position at the end of the 3rd to make a run, Curry just started hitting everything. Hitting 9 threes, setting a finals record previously held by Ray Allen with 8. He even hit a ridiculous turn around as the shot clock ran down, just putting the nail in the coffin. It wasn’t just him tonight. The Warriors shot 57% from the field, and 41% from three.

Curry finished the game with 33 points, 8 assists and 7 boards. Durant scored 26 on 10 of 14 shooting. Thompson chipped in 20. The real surprise is that Kerr started Javale McGee, and he produced. Scoring 12, mostly in the first quarter, he opened up the rest of the game for the stars. Draymond didn’t have a great scoring game, but he brought in 8 boards and 7 assists. Livingston was perfect from the field (5-5), finishing with 10 points off the bench.

Taking control early, the Warriors really took over in the second. Outscoring the Cavs 27-18, they took a 13 point lead into half and never looked back. Keeping the Cavs just out of striking distance for most of the third, they took over in the 4th. Curry nailed everything, and just kept stretching the lead. Finishing with the role players on the floor, it was a decisive victory for the Warriors.

Honestly, I don’t see how the Cavs can overcome the talent the Warriors have. With Curry hitting impossible shots over and over, Durant just being able to get a bucket whenever, and Klay just hitting at the most important times, it seems like too much to overcome. Even if one or two are off, they still have enough firepower to win the game. Plus, if Iggy ever returned they would get their defensive stopper back. Look for the Cavs to maybe take one, but this series is over.

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