Saturday, October 16, 2021

Cavs Stay Locked In, Even Series

Boston Celtics 102 - 111 Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron did Lebron stuff as the Cavs jumped out early and never looked back in the pivotal game 4 win.  Scoring 44 points, Lebron was unstoppable inside. Jaylen Brown bounced back from a poor game 3 but it wasn’t enough. The series shifts to Boston for game 5.

A King and His Castle

Lebron took the Celtics interior defense to the woodshed Monday night. Finishing the night with 44 points, Lebron sliced and diced his way through the paint. Making the Celtics bigs look sloe and tired.  Scoring 40 for the second time this series, Lebron got help tonight. The biggest contributor was Kyle Korver. Scoring 14 points. But he was bigger than that, recording 3 blocks and holding Jaylen Brown to 4-11 shooting while guarding him. Tristan Thompson chipped in with 13 points, 12 boards and 2 blocks. Hill also had 13.

Jumping onto the Celtics right from the start, the Cavs lead 34-18 after the first, which allowed them to keep just enough ahead of the Celtics to never truly be in danger. Anytime the Cavs needed a bucket, Lebron would find a way to get it. He truly showed why he is the best player in the game today.

If Lebron stays on this type of tear, and the Cavs get enough out the guys around him, they should be able to get to the finals. The question now is, will this team be able to keep up with the Warriors or Rockets. They don’t have a 3 ball attack as effective as either of them, but the more ground and pound approach will help stave off a bad outside shooting night, as it did tonight.


Celtic Woes Cavs Highs

Well that was fast. What was once a king on the ropes and a young challenger ascending, is now an even battle with all the momentum against the challenger. The Celtics just came out and walked right into a huge body blow by the Cavs that just was never recoverable from. Trying valiantly all starters finished in double figures, led by Jaylen Brown with 25. Going 19-40 in the paint, including 3 missed dunks, this was a bad night inside and out for the Celtics.

Never getting over the 34-18 1st quarter, the Celtics tried to stay in it, outscoring the Cavs in each of the final 3 quarters. It can be said that Stevens was playing with fire, only rolling out an 8 man rotation in this one. His bigs were shredded to pieces early and often, which never let up. Offensively they moved the ball, it just wasn’t going in. We will see what they do in game 5.

I could criticize Stevens for not playing more bigs and giving them rest, but it’s not like he has the best players for the situation. The King was just too much, and without a veteran superstar on the team, it can be difficult to withstand and fight back. The Celtics showed heart by staying in this, but it has to be soul crushing to watch Lebron snatch this game and possibly the series from them.

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