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Cardinals Texas workouts bring players together

As the seemingly never-ending offseason winds it’s way into July, we finally had official confirmation that the Texas workouts did indeed take place. While there are bound to be some condemning words on the get together in certain circles, while relevant state laws allow these activities they will continue, so Cardinals players are wise to get in the reps while they can.

Usually commonplace during an offseason, at least for successful teams, offseason workouts have been largely held up by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the NFLPA released a statement advising players not to hold workouts, it did not go so far as to ban players from holding them. So Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins and some fellow Red Birds got together for their Texas workouts as planned.

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Texas workouts integral to the 2020 season

Make no mistake the 2020 season is going ahead, at least it seems that way, and given the addition of DeAndre Hopkins the offense needs to get reps in to have any chance of showcasing what it can do. While players like Tom Brady and his new Bucs are holding player workouts, it only makes sense for the Cards players to get together and put in the work.

Kyler Murray posted videos from the Texas Workouts to his instragram account

Speaking before the NFPA statement Kenyan Drake said “It’ll be the first time we actually came together as a unit since everything kind of unfolded before OTAs started. So I think it’ll be good camaraderie for all of us to come together, and Kyler was gracious enough to invite everybody out there, you know, big money Kyler.”

It is not clear how the league feels about these player organised workouts, but with marquee players like Tom Brady holding them, any punishment would seem unlikely. As the league has no policy against them, and the states where the activities took place are fine with them, the negativity is coming solely from media looking for a story


Murray paid for the Texas workouts and according to Mike Florio of PFT the invitees were the other three quarterbacks, four running backs, nine receivers, and four tight ends. It’s good to see the players taking matters into their own hands and building for a season that sure looks like it’s going ahead.

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