Thursday, October 29, 2020

Top 5 NHL Podcasts

The boredom of this Covid-19 lockdown has set in, are you missing sports as much as we are here at The Sports Despatch? Ran out of things to watch on Netflix?

If you’ve finished the on demand games on NHL game centre you want to catch up with, have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of my five favourite NHL podcasts to get you through the lockdown.


Podcasts are all the rage and have been growing in popularity over the past few years. A Podcast is a fun way of talking about subjects whether it be Sports, Comedy, Movies or Business etc, there is literally a podcast for every subject or niche.

I spend a lot of my spare time listening to NHL podcasts to keep up to date with things around the league as well as interviews with ex and current players from the NHL.

Here’s my personal top 5 recommendations for NHL podcasts in no particular order.

Hockey Central (Sportsnet)

Hockey Central Podcasts

A can’t-miss for hockey fans. Jeff Marek, David Amber, Anthony Stewart and Justin Bourne break down all the stories from around the NHL.

Although this is one of the more serious podcasts it’s still very enjoyable and they have some brilliant guests including current and ex NHLers.

This ones a must listen for anyone who loves stats and up to date coverage.
You can check Hockey Central out here.

31 Thoughts (Sportsnet)

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk to a lot of people around the hockey world, and then they tell listeners all about what they’ve heard and what they think about it. Plus, look for bonus episodes featuring personalities in the game and famous fans.

This one’s more for the rumour and trades side of the NHL but still a great listen.

You can check 31Thoughts out here.


In the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast, irreverent Hockey Outsiders Mike Bonn and Dale Hoard give their less than expert opinions on all things hockey.

Whether it’s the National Hockey League, the International Ice Hockey Federation, Canadian Hockey League, NCAA or Minor Hockey, they give their take, from a fans perspective.

They focus mainly on NHL events and discussions but if there is a good hockey story to be told, they’re on it!

What I really like about Scuttlepuck is that they cover all leagues and international ice hockey aswell as the NHL. Although Mike and Dale don’t have the massive backing and budget of Sportsnet they put out regular episodes with just the same quality.
You can check Scuttlepuck out here.

The Powerplay Podcast

The Powerplay Podcast consists of brothers Anthony and Vinny Milani who put a whole new spin on hockey podcasting. The boys give their take on everything hockey from the NHL right down to club hockey.

What’s different about The Powerplay Podcast for me is the boys have some great, fun segments like sit call ups, start and PIMs of the week and I also like that they review kit too.

All in all this podcast is one of my favourites, it’s real, it’s funny, it’s for the lads and both the hosts bounce of each other really well. Just a couple of hockey fanatics talking all things hockey, what more could you ask for? You can check The Powerplay Podcast out here.

Spittin Chiclets (Barstool Sports)

By far the most popular hockey podcast out there with the biggest budget and guests a plenty.

Ex NHLers Ryan Whitney and Paul ‘Biz Nasty’ Bissonette teamed up with Barstool Sports ‘Rear’ Admiral referred to as R.A and producer Mikey Grinnelli to bring us Spittin Chiclets. They have 1 to 2 guests on each episode usually current or ex NHLers.

The Boys talk about their time in the NHL and there’s stories and banter which is definitely for the lads. Overall this is my favourite out of all Hockey podcasts and episodes are released regularly – it’s a must listen!! Check out Spittin Chiclets here.

There are plenty more hockey podcasts to pick from but these 5 are without a doubt my favourites.

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