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The best NHL goalie setups of 2020


One of the best things about hockey for me is the goalies pad setups and the custom paint jobs on the goalies helmet.

A lot of goalies have custom paint-jobs on their helmets to express themselves. This could be anything from their favourite classic car to a memorial piece for their favourite old time hockey goalie. Most goalies choose to have matching kit to compliment the colours in their teams jerseys.

A large amount of the helmet artwork is done by a guy called DaveArt. It seems he has a very good reputation and does the whole process from the very first initial design work before helmet is dipped and sprayed.

Chicago Blackhawks/Vegas Golden Knights
Robin Lehner

Goalie Robin Lehner
Robin Lehner

Pads: Brian’s Gnetik 4      
Glove: Brian’s Opitk 2
Blocker: Brian’s Optik 2
Stick: Warrior VR2 (skinned as VR1?)
Mask: (Vaughn) Pro’s Choice (DaveArt)

After a great start to the season at Chicago, Lehner was traded to Vegas. He’s kept with the same setup but in Vegas colours. Lehner signed a one-year, $5 million free agent contract with the Blackhawks.

He and Corey Crawford equally split the net, with Lehner getting the edge in quality performances the first half of the season. Vegas acquired Lehner in a deal that sent goalie Malcolm Subban to the Chicago Blackhawks. Lehner’s contract with Vegas is worth $1.4million for one year.

Philadelphia Flyers
Carter Hart

Carter Hart in his CCM setup

Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 (600)
Blocker: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Stick: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
Mask: Bauer 960XPM (PaintZoo) 

The youngster Carter Hart’s alternative Flyers setup is a standout set with the all black/orange trim look.

The 21 year old net-minder had been on fire for the Philadelphia Flyers this season, when the season abruptly ended due to covid-19. I’m a big fan of Carter Hart, who will one day be up there with the best goalies in the league.

Arizona Coyotes
Darcy Kuemper

Darcy Kuemper’s Vaughn Kachina Setup

Pads: Vaughn SLR2
Glove: Vaughn VE8
Blocker: Vaughn SLR2
Stick: Warrior VR1
Mask: Bauer XPM960 (DaveArt)

Darcy’s Vaughn set was custom made to match the Coyotes Kachina alternative jersey. The Young net-minder clearly has taste in his gear, this set up complements a classic Jersey with so much style.

San Jose Sharks
Aaron Dell

Pads: Brian’s Optik 2
Glove: Brian’s Optik 2
Blocker: Brian’s Optik 2
Stick: Warrior VR1
Mask: Vaughn Pro’s Choice (DaveArt) 

Dell’s alternative Brian’s custom set looks great. The black and teal combination, topped off with the Sharks logo really stands out.

St. Louis Blues
Jordan Binnington

Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 (580)
Blocker: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Stick: CCM Premier 2
Mask: Bauer 960XPM (DaveArt) 

Jordan Binnington’s throwback St. Louis Blues set are stunning – nothing more needs to be said, really.

Vancouver Canucks
Jacob Markstrom

Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 (580)
Blocker: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Stick: CCM Extreme Flex 4 
Mask: Bauer 960XPM (DaveArt)   
Vaughn (pro choice)

Markstrom’s Canucks throwback set up compliment one of the most iconic jerseys of all time. I think he’s hit the nail on the head with this design.

Tampa Bay Lightning
Andrei Vasilevsky

Pads: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
Glove: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro (2S Skinned)
Blocker: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro (2S Skinned)
Stick: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
Mask: Bauer VTX (Sylabrush) 

The black and grey Bauer vapor 2x pro that Vasy uses when wearing Tampa’s black alternative jersey look the real deal. Sometimes basic is best.

The choice is unreal, especially when it comes down to custom gear, companies like Brian’s, CCM, Bauer Vaughn and Warrior all offer the option to be fully customisable at a cost. A high price to pay but worth it to look the part on your beer league team, as for the pros, this option is free.

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