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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

Some of the Lazy Fan Sports editorial team have given us their predictions for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights and Alex Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals.

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Ray Burton’s Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Washington Capitals in 7 Games

I’ve been picking against the Golden Knights all season, so why change now. I’ve been impressed with the expansion teams ability to gut out wins, with hard high-energy play. Behind the goaltending masterclass that has been put on by Marc-Andre Fleury, the Knights have put together one of the most amazing seasons in NHL history.

The Washington Capitals meanwhile having been breaking down barriers of their own making. After breaking their own streak of losing series against the Penguins, they came from 3-2 down in the series against the Lightning with two improbable shutouts. This is arguably not as good a roster as they’ve had in the last couple of seasons. However, they’ve finally made it to the finals behind the stellar play of Alex Ovechkin.

Alex Ovechkin Stanley Cup Finals
Alex Ovechkin helps Capitals to Stanley Cup Finals

I think this is such a tight series and could go down as one of the greatest in NHL history. Both teams have so much to prove, but Vegas go in as slight favourites with the bookies. I think the Capitals have a higher top range in-terms of scoring. Over the series, I think that gives them the slightest of edges.

Chris Randle’s Prediction

Las Vegas Golden Knights in 6 Games

This is such a difficult decision. As a Rangers fan, I can’t help but think back to Ovechkin telling Lundqvist to take it all back in 2015 and wish him the same. Ovechkin has had so many opportunities to lift the cup with the caps but it’s never come to fruition. That being said, I truly don’t think anything can stop Fleury and his Vegas Golden Knights. The whole team has come together and created a connection that is stopping teams in their tracks.

Even Ovechkin’s skilled shot won’t be enough to stop this Vegas team. Just look at the connection between linemates; they split defenses with ease and cause mass confusion for even the best goaltenders. Vegas wins this. As much as I would love to see Ovi finally raise the cup, the Golden Knights have this in the bag.

Daryl Woodford’s Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Vegas Golden Knights in 6 Games

In what should be a cracking finals, I will be backing the newcomers to prevail and take home the famous Stanley Cup. The Golden Knights only being in the league for 1 season and getting to the stage on the season is a truly great accomplishment and I believe that they will overcome the capitals in 6 to end there debut season as Stanley Cup champions.

Keilan Dyer’s Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Vegas Golden Knights in 5 Games

The Golden Knights have been hot since the expansion draft. They don’t have that elite player, like Washington does with Alex Ovechkin, so they rely on teamwork. Marc-Andre Fleury has easily been the best goalie this postseason and is my pick to win the Conn Smythe. I think Vegas wins in a Gentleman’s sweep. Meaning that they allow Washington to win a game on home ice but come back and win the cup in Game 5 at T-Mobile Arena

Logan Feltner’s Stanley Cup Finals Prediciton

Vegas Golden Knights in 6 Games

The story he might even be to tall to call it a Cinderella story. The Knights have found themselves in the finals, and quite honestly, they controlled all the series’ they’ve been in and won them handily. I believe Marc Andre-Fleury will show up big time and lead the Knights to one of the most shocking moments on sports history.

Josh King’s Prediction

Vegas Golden Knights in 6 Games

I think Vegas wins the Cup for a few reasons. They have better goaltending, better defense and they have a more complete top six forwards. Plus they have momentum. I’m certainly not joining the long list of people who have picked against them, only to be proven wrong.

Kieran Harm’s Prediction

Washington Capitals in 6 Games

The Capitals and Alex Ovechkin have been waiting for this for a long time. No finals appearance since 1998 for the caps I believe. I think Ovechkin will be the difference maker between the two sides. I also think he will win the Conn Smythe!

It’s been a good year for the Golden knights, but it seems too good to be true for them to win the Stanley cup in their first year of existence! Caps all the way.

For those of you keeping track that’s five picks for the Golden Knights and only two for the Capitals. Let’s hope it’s a great series. Game 1 is tonight at 1AM BST / 8PM ET

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