Friday, May 24, 2024

Burrow is no longer a Buckeye

Ohio State’s talented QB prospect Joe Burrow who was within reach of the starting job with the Buckeyes has moved on in a completely expected move. Many saw his potential as similar to that of former Northwestern QB Trevor Siemian. He’ll do okay, but he’s more likely to join the realm of back-up quarterbacks.

The prototype QB standing at 6’3 and 215lbs has been a back for a couple of seasons now. His stats total up to 29/39 completions for 287 yards, 2 TDs and a rushing touchdown for 58 yards. – All of these numbers pretty much came in the late 4th quarter.

Joe Burrow is off 

Joe Burrow

Dwayne Haskins looks to be the sure thing at Ohio State moving into the 2018 season. Tate Martell is this year’s wild card and I’d expect we see something designed to harness his dual-threat capabilities.

The result of all of this is simple, there is now a free agent QB with 2-years left of college football. Even more than that is Burrow is ready to go now unlike a true freshman QB would be.

So where should Joe Burrow go? I’ve lined up what I believe are the top 5 options for him on the field. This is more of a speculative look at which teams are in real need of top QB play outside of the big 10.

  1. Stanford – Keller Chryst has moved on and K.J. Costello is a massive concern coming off of his hip surgery. Stanford Cardinal might be in big, big trouble if the projected starter can’t come back at 100%. I can certainly see Burrow coming into save the day.

  2. Arkansas –  More QB controversy for Burrow to be walking into the Hogs. Cole Kelley and Ty Storey have been making headlines recently and although Joe Burrow would want assurances as to his starting place, he’d certainly be in the mix for it.

  3. Boston College – Boston are a team on the verges of being incredibly dangerous, there’s no certainty over Anthony Brown with his knee injury and I suspect Boston may find a place for Joe Burrow.

  4. Oregon State – Oregon State badly need a Quarterback, Jake Luton and Aidan Willard aren’t on Burrow’s level currently whether OSU will have an interest or not is a matter for another day though.

  5. Florida – I don’t imagine Burrow will be content with going from one QB battle to another, although Feleipe Franks isn’t guaranteed anything in 2018 and Emory Jones is yet to really set the world alight. It could work out but I don’t think Joe would be up for it.

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