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Could king Henrik be traded out of NYC?

Could king Henrik be traded out of NYC? It’s no surprise to hear New York Rangers fans saying it’s time to move him on, not only his salary is a massive chunk out of the Rangers salary cap but he’s massively under performing. For Henrik Lundqvist, netminder for the New York Rangers, the big question is could king Henrik be traded out of NYC? do you turn your back on the team who drafted you and who you’ve spent your whole NHL career with to join a cup contender? Or is he just past his best now? I mean he’s 37 years old and has been the starting goalie with the Rangers since he was brought in from Frolunda.

King Henrik be traded

Now is Hank going to waive his NMC before trade deadline allowing him to be traded, who knows? But with 2 young capable goalies in Igor Shesterkin and Alexander Georgiev backing him up and both arguably able to slide into a starting role already, is Hanks time with the Rangers done? It feels like it. There has been a heavy link with the Colorado Avalanche who are reportedly interested in signing the Swede netminder to possibly go on a cup run, which they already have the young talents capable of making a successful playoffs run possible.

Could King Henrik be traded?

At the beginning of his rookie season in 2005-06, with starting goaltender Kevin Weekes injured, Lundqvist made his NHL debut on 8 October 2005 against the New Jersey Devils, stopping 24 of 27 shots in a 3–2 overtime loss. A few days later, on 13 October, Lundqvist posted his first career NHL win, in another game against the Devils.

In 2012 Henrik won the Vezina trophy after being a finalist on numerous occasions. Other rumours about the situation surrounding the Rangers netminders is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are very interested in making a blockbuster trade offer that could include Alexander Georgiev who the Maple Leafs believe would be a great back up for Freddie Anderson.

I think Henrik will waive his Nmc before the trade deadline and free himself up to be traded out of the Big Apple. The King Henrik era maybe over but there is exciting times ahead for a young New York Rangers team that will no doubt make a good attempt at a playoff run in the near future.

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