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10FTWF Sturridge Is Off To Turkey

The 10FTWF crew take a crack at putting the football world to rights. On this week’s show the boys breakdown Daniel Sturridge’s move to Turkey, how much is Neymar really worth, and the disastrous start for Newcastle United.

Hudon-Odoi’s About To Get PAID!

Rumours are circling that Callum Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea’s highly prized 19-year-old talent is about to get a new contract at Chelsea. Far from being your average teenager, Hudson-Odoi has been drawing interest from the likes of Bayern Munich since last season.

However, it now seems that Chelsea will look to tie him down with a new £200,000 per week contract. Not bad when you consider the lad has only played 34 games for his club so far and is currently on the sidelines with a torn achilles tendon.

But is he really worth those wages with such a sparse CV?

Alexis Sanchez Just Needs A Little Love

After what seems like a lifetime, it’s actually only 20 months, Alexis Sanchez may be heading for the Old Trafford exit having never really tied down a regular first-team place.

But is the blame really Sanchez’s? He’s been shuffled around in the lineup, and Jose Mourinho never really seemed to know where to play him, or even seemed to want him in the lineup. Has this incredible talent really lost the ability to play at the highest level, or does he just need a run of games in a regular position?

Is Jadon Sancho Next Onto The Old Trafford Turf

Having already started the new Bundesliga campaign with a goal, stories already abound of United making a move for Sancho in the January window. While Dortmund isn’t a small team, Manchester would surely be a step up.

But would Manchester United, mired in a rebuild and stuck in the Europa league really be the best spot for his talents. Truth be told Sancho’s next move will probably be a huge one, with talk already of the fee being in the £100m range.

10FTWF : Jadon Sancho's Got Mad Skills
10FTWF : Jadon Sancho’s Got Mad Skills

If United can pull off the transfer it would be a huge coup for one of England’s most sought after assets. But at the same time, it’s a lot of money for a player so young, with only 18 months of decent action behind him. Of course, if teams wait, the price may well be up to £150m within 18 months.

Neymar Must Be Worth A Lot Of Cash

Having reset the market in 2017 when he transferred from Barcelona to PSG for a staggering £198m, Neymar once again looks to be angling for a move. It wasn’t the prettiest transfer when he forced his way out of the Nou Camp, and things look to be heading in a back way again this time.

Desperate for a move back to Barcelona, the papers are full of stories of ludicrous offers that make the 10FTWF boys marvel. It’s incredible to think that an £80m plus players offer that would take the deal into the £300m range has been rejected.

Still one of the top players in the world, despite a recent run of injuries that started back in 2016, Neymar is clearly in the mood for a move back to Spain. If PSG play hardball could this drag on for a long time?

Bury In The Ground

As 10FTWF goes to air this week, Bury FC are just hours away from being expelled from the Football League. After some diabolical management by owner Steve Dale, it looks as though the unthinkable may actually happen.

The club, formed in 1885, has so far been unable to make any real strides in their bid for survival. But what can the FA do to curb this incredibly destructive form of ownership? Surely they care more about the game than their silly little brand, and will step in to protect the history of our beautiful game?

Probably not, but there needs to be stricter controls and enforcement of rules to ensure that the history of the league, and it’s future is protected better.

Daniel Sturridge Is Off To Turkey

It seems incredible to think that 29-year-old Daniel Sturridge is off to Trabsonspor to end his career. A player with 105 goals in 306 games in England, surely must have generated some interest from teams closer to home.

But alas, it seems another talent is cashing in his boots, and traveling to sunnier climes to make hay during the latter years of his career…or becoming a mercenary if you’re on the more extreme end of this particular topic.

10FTWF: Daniel Sturridge Doesn't Care What We Think
10FTWF: Daniel Sturridge Doesn’t Care What We Think

Despite a long and extensive injury history, Sturridge does average 23 games per season, so he could definitely have done a job for a bottom half team, or perhaps a Championship team.

Newcastle Are Off To The Championship

Just two weeks into the season and the wheels have come off the Toon Train. An embarrassing 3-1 reverse at Norwich City last weekend has seen resident 10FTWF pundit Kieran Harm lose his noodles all over this week’s podcast.

A team that doesn’t seem to know where they’re going on, or off, the pitch, Newcastle do appear in a bit of trouble. It’s still very early days but it seems that Steve Bruce doesn’t even know where his players are best deployed, or even how to come up with some basic tactics.

He will need to bring the changes quickly as Newcastle visit Spurs this Sunday.

Man City Need More Medals

As Premier League Champions Manchester City request more medals, the 10FTWF boys debate whether the minimum game requirements for medals need abolishing.

A good argument can be made for giving a medal to everyone at the club who contributes to the title. But the difficulties will surely come as teams will take advantage of that system to get more and more people in on the act.

But will the Premier League buckle and allow medals for everyone?

Abuse Has NO Place In The Beautiful Game

After another week of horrendous abuse being hurled at players on twitter, it’s time for something to be done. Paul Pogba has become the latest player to be subjected to vile, repugnant, and downright disgusting racist abuse on social networks.

No abuse of players, managers, families, fans, pundits, reporters, or ANYONE is acceptable. It is a horrific fact that in our world today this level of ignorance still exists in our society. But what can the football authorities do to help stamp out this rampant cancer that is eating away at our society?

Let’s not kid ourselves, ignorance and abuse are not just issues in sports. they are issues that are pervading so many areas of our world, and the authorities need to do something to help drive this out of our lives.

Ronaldo Is Still Number One (Or Two)

10FTWF : Cristiano Still The Best © Getty Images
10FTWF : Cristiano Still The Best © Getty Images

The debate will rage for many years yet about who is the greatest footballer of our generation (clue: the answer is Ronaldo). But right now, is Cristiano Ronaldo still one of the best two footballers in the world.

On the downswing of his amazingly successful career, Ronaldo still bagged 28 goals in 43 games. Which is mighty impressive still. Is there anyone out there that can break into this vaunted company? The 10FTWF crew will enlighten you as always.

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