Monday, March 20, 2023

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QUARANTINE QUIZ 10: Can you name the football teams who play in these stadiums?

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Kieran Harm
Kieran Harm
Kieran hails from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and holds a degree in Sports Journalism from the University of Brighton. He covers a range of sports, specialising in football and NFL. Kieran is a long-suffering member of the Toon Army as well as a very proud member of Broncos Country.

Today’s Quarantine Quiz is all about football stadiums and the teams who play in them. This one is a little bit different and, thanks to our friends at Sporcle, we’ve been able to build a much better quiz format.

Rules of the Quarantine Quiz

All you need to do is name the teams who play in the stadiums listed. There will be 20 stadiums on the list, without any help you need to type in the name of the team who plays in each one.

To do all of this, you’ll have just five minutes – think you can do it? Have a go below and let us know how you did on our Facebook page.

For more quizzes, be sure to check out our Quarantine Quiz page which you can find by clicking right here.

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