McGregor has unique way to elimiate grappling

In a somewhat interesting turn of events it seems as though Conor McGregor has come up with a way to nullify the ground game of Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. It’s not an overly complicated tactic, the Irishman simply took to his Instagram account and proclaimed that the first man to attempt a takedown during their fight at UFC 246 is a ‘cowbitch’. Creative.

It’s certainly an approach that we haven’t seen much of in the past, an early shot from McGregor in an attempt to get fans to go against Cerrone if he tries to take the fight down to the ground. UFC fans have been known to protest against wrestling in the cage even at the best of times, however with McGregor making claims like these it’s likely only going to make that level of volatility towards takedowns and grappling even worse.

It will be interesting to see how Cerrone responds, it’s rare that the veteran gets dragged into any petty pre-fight talk, however we all know how McGregor likes to build up his fights. I can’t imagine that being called a ‘cowbitch’ will stop Cowboy from attempting a takedown, if that is the gameplan that he and his team have opted to use in this fight. Using Cowboy’s ego to neutralise his ground game is an interesting tact from McGregor, however it does show that the former champion is acknowledging the fact that Cerrone would more than likely outperform him if that is where the fight headed.

Regardless of whether the fight stays standing or does indeed head to the ground we should be set for an interesting night, you can read our preview of the fight here. It is a big night for McGregor as he attempts to begin working his way back towards the top of the lightweight division. For Cerrone, this is the big payday that he most certainly deserves, it could also be the last time we see him set foot into the Octagon.

Adam Nisbet
Living on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Newcastle United fan, Adam also keeps a keen eye on the NBA, UFC and Formula One.

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